any news of cheap year subscription cards for black friday/cyber monday?

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    i just cancelled my auto renew, about 2 hours before it was about to renew. mostly because I know i can get it cheaper off amazon. where do you guys get it? does amazon or anything have any good deals going on especially tomorrow?

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    I have seen a few deals on Amazon but after a while the prices will probably be the same as on XBox.

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    Not sure about tomorrow.  Right now they are going for $48.99 for the online code at Amazon, not really that good of a deal at the moment.  The last time that I got a good deal was earlier this year in January.  I'd say that probably still holds true.  Seems like they have a sale for 12 month subs often in that month, though I am not sure why.  Maybe it's just coincidence.

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    Seems like someone has a deal for around $35 every 2-3 week's lately. Just a few days ago had them for $38.

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    Um, Black Friday and CyberMonday deals happened a month ago...Since, you know, that's when Black Friday & CyberMonday were.

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    I get my membership cheap off eBay. Check out eBay :)

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    I just saw a 12 month card on eBay from Newegg for $37.99