Is there any headphones that work with xbox 360 and PC?

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    I want a turtle beech type headphones that can work with both my 360 games and Age of empires online on the PC? i live in the US.

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    I have a set of Triton AX-180s that work well on my 360/PS3/ and my PC. They're fairly cheap, but very cheaply made. I'm on my second set now, the first replaced by Triton/Mad Catz since the earpieces fell apart after nine months of gentle use.

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    Go with Turtle beach....I got a pair on sale for around $60 last year, its wired, but works with PC / XBOX, and the cord is probly 6 feet...Sound is great.

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    i have tritton ax pro but getting some astro a-40


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    I would suggest looking at different types of turtle beaches and reading the back of the boxes and seeing if they are compatible for Xbox and PC.

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    Turtle beaches x12 are very good for a tight budget

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    Have you looked on the Turtle Beach Web site? Check E Bay. You'll find a few inexpensive headphones.

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    i just got the turtle beach X41's. do these work with PC games

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    I use turtle beach x3's, getting old but ok. I have heard people having problems with some of the cheaper turtle beach ones though. I would google or bing the model you fancy, before buying.