Wireless Xbox 360 Controller in Windows 7 with PC Gaming Receiver (Not working)

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    So I just bought two wireless Xbox 360 controllers. Black and white. Both work with AA-batteries. And I thought I'd use them in my PC just like I used my previous USB-controller. I used the Installation disc that came with the gaming receiver + I downloaded the drivers for the wireless controller from the Internet. I installed the drivers and it obvioisly worked out. I rebooted my system and tried the receiver. It had a steady green light and as i pushed the button it started blinking.

    I tried both of my wireless controllers with the gaming receiver separately. Neither of them worked. I tried pushing the button on the receiver and the button in the controller. Both at the same time. Then at different times. I tried holding them for a while. Nothing came up with results. The controller just kept searching (the green light circling around) until all the green lights started blinking. This obvioisly is supposed to mean the state of the batteries. So the batteries are full. The pad is just out of cartridge and both of the controllers instantly connect with my Xbox 360 and work just fine.

    So what is wrong with my expensive Gaming Receiver and what is there I can do? I also tried downloading the drivers on two separate computers. It didn't work as planned on them either!

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    Not sure, all windows live games will work with the wireless, however some game that are not windows live certified may only work with the wired controller. FFXI was that way.

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    I'm not even at the point of trying out any games. As I said in my first message, the problem is that my wireless controller doesn't even connect with the receiver as it should.

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    Just to be clear your pressing the Sync button on the 360 controller. You have to push the guide button to turn the controller on then hold down the controller sync button until it starts searching for something to pair with and then push the sync button on the PC adapter. I have the PC wireless adapter and I have never had issue syncing my controllers or the wireless headset.

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    also, where did you buy the receiver? and does it say "Xbox 360" or "Microsoft" on the receiver?

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    @Smiling Cat: Yes, I am using the Sync button. Now that I tried it again I noticed that as I hold down the Sync button on the Xbox-controller and wait for it to start searching (circling around) and then I click on the Sync button on the Gaming Receiver and all the controller lights start blinking immediately when the Gaming Receiver button is touched...

    @SilentStryk09: I bought the receiver from a nearby commercial centre. It was new. And yes, it does say "Xbox 360" right on top of it and also "Xbox 360: PC Wireless Gaming Receiver" on the bottom. There's also some kind of a glowing sticker on the bottom which says "XBHD". So the receiver is a real deal. Looks exactly the same as the ones on Google search.

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    Hi. Not sure if you found the fix for this yet, but I was able to.

    Most likely your issue is that even though you've installed the software, Windows didn't install the correct driver for the Wireless Receiver. Try this:

    Make sure your wireless receiver is plugged in and the green light is on.

    Go to Start and right click on Computer

    Click on Properties

    Click on Device Manager

    Look for an "Unknown Device" in the list and double-click on it.

    Click on the "Driver" tab

    Click on "Update Driver..."

    Choose "Browse my computer for driver software"

    Choose "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"

    Double-click on "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows"

    At this point, my receiver immediate synced with the controller. I'm guess it had already paired in my previous attempts and just needed the driver properly installed.

    Hope this works for you!


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    I have done this exact same thing on 2 computers and neither works.  im running windows 7, the lights on the usb adapter flashes for a while then goes on solid, the lights on the controller circle for a minute like it is trying to sync then the whole circle of lights starts flashing on the controller.

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    Yeah, for some reason trying to install the drivers doesn't work out. I had a small CD from the Gaming Receiver package, but it wouldn't install the drivers as there was no actual folder containing the drivers, only .pdf-files for instructions. And the drivers I found from Microsoft homepage wouldn't work either. It just spells out some ERROR-message. I'm running 64-bit Windows 7...


    @SilentStryk09: I don't know how but just now I realized that my gaming receiver doesn't say "Microsoft" on it anywhere. There's a little note on the USB-wire which says "Made in China" - so it's obviously copy version. I tried Googling about the situation at it seems others have faced problems with Chinese-produced gaming receivers as well. Some have no issues, with some the Syncing won't work out at all. Like in my situation. They say the problem could be related with the motherboard, but it seems the only way people have got around this problem has been by buying a new Gaming Receiver!


    @WeedEX: What you describe is my situation exactly.

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    You could always try to force install the driver.

    Open the Device manager,

    right click the device.

    click properties.

    click the driver tab.

    update driver\

    Browse for driver software-

    Let me choose

    It will list all compatible drivers that are already installed from whatever programs you tried to unzip/install regarding that product.

    When you see the list, if there is not one recognized, or if it is not microsoft WDDM verified chances are it wont work.

    SO you want to download the microsoft driver.Although you downloaded the software, it may not have tried to reinstall the driver, as it had one currently attached.

    So, if the above step does not list a windows certified, or WDDM driver, you want to click (Have Disk)

    And locate the folder the Driver is in.

    And it will ask are you sure you want to install this driver?(it may list as incompatible, but its worth a shot, since its all based off the same technology, even if it is a chinese brand.)

    so you want to find the folder the microsoft driver, unzipped to.(depending on if it was unzipped.)

    It may be in the program files section.

    So give that a shot.

    and, if you need further assistance, im always open to screen sharing through team viewer or Join.me to try to fix it for you.


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    the driver installs for me when i choose the manual options and the device is recognized in the devices list, but the controller will not sync to the device,  my friend has a legit microsoft adapter, plugged that in and it works perfectly, also shows up on devices menu as the wireless gaming receiver, where this fake one just shows as unidentified device,  my guess is that the one i have just doesnt work. looks like i will have to buy the official one.

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    I cannot get my receivers to sync.  Neither green light comes on, nor are they showing up in the device manager.  I have bought two of these, both working for only 3-6 months before completely stopping to function.  Both receivers have the Microsoft label and not XBox 360.  

    I am also running Win7 64bit and have not been able to find any posts or suggestions anywhere that resemble my issue.  Any tips or links would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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    I had sign up to the forum just to say that i'm also having the same problem.

    i have found out that this device( XBOX 360 with the "XBHD" hologram), does not support WINDOWS 7 X64.

    so just avoid it...

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    I'm using the adapter with a XBHD hologram on W7 x64 and I just got it to work.

    In the device manager is was showing as unknown object.

    Heres what you do:

    1. Plug it in.

    2. Install the drivers

    3. Right click the "Unknown Object" in Device Manager

    4. Click Update Driver Software

    5. Click the browse computer option

    6. Click the 'let me pick' option

    7. Look for something related to Microsoft Controller, click it and click next

    8. Select the appropriate driver

    9. ?????

    10. Profit.

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    @DroidInc21 except that won't work when the device won't show on the device manager.