Turtle Beach x12 problem

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    Okay i just picked up these turtle beachx12's today and i set everything up correctly, my only problem im having is that i can only hear people if i turn up the game volume. I tried turning up the chat volume but that did nothing. I had a different pair of turtle beaches that was doing the same thing and i thought it was the headset that was messed up, so i returned it. So if anyone is having the same problem and know how to fix this then i would greatly appreciate all of your help.

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    Set your settings to play voice through only your headset

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    If your headset cable is not plugged in to your controller then the voice chat is controlled by the main volume. This may not help if it is plugged in though.

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    im having a promblem with x12 headset each time i plug it in all it does it make these wierd sounds i want it fix so that we dont have to spend 60 dollars

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    Turtlebeach isn't officially licensed by Microsoft, so don't always expect 100% quality.

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    I've had two Turtle Beach headsets and had problems with them both.  The wires would always get tangled up and one of the speakers would quit working.  I got a Tritton Trigger headset a few months ago and it works fine to this day.

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    i have the turtle beach x12 and the wire that goes into the headset is loose and people cant hear me can anyone help

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    The talk back cables are notorious for going bad.  You can purchase the replacement directly from Turtle Beach for about 5 bucks.  Here's the link www.turtlebeach.com/.../13485.aspx  Hope that helps

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    if you are  using a controller with a cord attached either charging it or connecting it  wired  to the xbox then it could be the extra power coming  through the headphone jack on the controller causing the sound so use  a completely wireless controller to test.

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    it either got pulled on or something similar happened and the wires on the inside need to be stripped  back and re soldered to the internal connections this  happened t me. dont attempt   if you dont know anything about soldering at all though.  I am not liable if you do this without the knowledge of what you are doing.

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    would everbody leav me alone i have a tutle beach X42 now

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    Most of the problems seem to occur as folk do not know how to correctly connect the headset.

    To correctly connect a pair of X12`s to a 360 you need the Xbox 360 audio adapter!

    Getting worse with age and doing terrible, lol  :)