Are the xbox live servers for the 360 going to get shut down?

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    Are the xbox 360 servers going to be shut down with the release of the Xbox One? If they do, all xbox 360's will be useless and I don't want to buy a new console. If they're getting shut down, I'm just going to switch to a playstation.
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    It's highly unlikely. Look how long the original Xbox servers stayed on after the release of the 360. I think the 360 has a lot more life in it.

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    Not much I'll bet...when I saw the reveal that was the first thing I thought of.  If you remember, the old Xbox servers were shut off in April, 2010, 4.5 years after the 360 came out.  I would bet real money that the 360 servers will be gone by 2020.  The only reason I think they will last that long is because that at the moment, no one believes there will be any backwards compaitibility with the One so there will probably still be a huge following for the COD games online along with Halo and GOW.  If those players start slacking off however when the One is released you will see the 360 servers shut down.  And it is possible that individual game severs could be shut off...I am surprised Halo 3's are still up.  There was at least one 360 game that has its' servers shut down a few years ago...anyone remember what it was?

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    I hope not. The 360 still offers great multiplayer. And because of the full-on, drown-in-your-soup idiotic move to not give the One backwards compatibility, I will be holding on to my 360. And 360 owners shouldn't have to lament the loss of these great games because of the One.

    Honestly, can we get some OFFICIAL yes or no on this subject?

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    Unless there's something specific that comes up that they'll have to drop from the 360 (I doubt so, since they ditched the original LIVE servers due to that issue so it should be fairly future proof now,) 360 LIVE should remain up as it'll keep drawing in money for some time.

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    I hope so. Besides, I can't think of a reason why both the X1 and 360 couldn't both use XBL at the same time.Again, though, official confirmation would be nice.

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    They I mentioned both the original Xbox and the 360 were both on live for several years.  But the issue is how much of the community will stay playing the 360 games when the One comes out:  when the 460 community starts to die the servers will get shut down.

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    MS said they hope to sell 25 million more 360's  in the next couple years so they should be up for 3 or 4 more years.

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    They already saId the xbox 360 is going strong and will still b bringing games out for years to come

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    As stated above, I can't see the 360 servers being closed down until they have fewer than x-number using the service.  That'll be a good 5-10 years from now. - Looking for reviewers, content editors and team leaders.

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    There will be a time when they will shut down, however it won't be known until Xbox One is launched and the player base of 360 begins to die down.

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    burnout revenge had its servers shut down several years ago


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    I heard they might next spring but I highly doubt it

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    There was news saying that Microsoft will stop supporting the Xbox 360 in a couple years, maybe three years at most. I'm not sure what they will do when that time comes, there's a chance that XBL will still work for Xbox 360 users, it's just aht Microsoft wont be releasing any new patches and such. We'll see though.

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    Not any time soon. Most Xbox gamers still own the 360 and haven't upgraded to and X1 yet.