It appears you've found a glitch in the system.

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    help im trying to renew my membership an this keep popping up?

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    how are you renewing your membership if it is by prepaid card try redeeming the code on your x box instead of the website


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    it says the same for me somebody help!!!

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    I keep getting this message when I try to add a forum as a favorite by clicking on the star next to it.

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    I am also getting the same problem. On my Xbox it says there is a problem with xbox live and that I should try again later. It also gives me an error code. I followed the error code fix instructions on the website and I still have the same problem. I tryed to make a new payment online and it just tells me that I found a glitch in the system. Can someone please lend some quality information to help? I searched other forums and was told that trying again later or with a different browser should solve the issue. Well this has been happening since yesterday and hasn't changed. Could someone please help and if not could someone link the number for customer support? I tried the number on the site and when I call it the automated message says something about find everything from driving direstions to blah blah blah and nothing about microsoft.

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    Try a different browser or using the console.


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    Well try using a different form of payment. or different cc

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    Well try using a different form of payment. or different cc

    Nope, that is not the problem, the problem is related to the site/XBL...

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