Xbox 720 -- Does it look like...

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    I was reading stuff and I heard some badger chip munk in a hedge say that... The guy who is designing the new Xbox is so... exhausted from fixing lighting via customer service messages, on Halo that he used the profile of the Xbox 720 is the same as the Halo Infinity ship.

    I think I read that in a forum or somthin...
    Does anyone know is the Xbox Infinity/720 suppose to look like the Halo infinity ship?

    Hope I didn't ruin any surprises. I also read that its not expecting to have very well numbers.

    Will it be green again? Like MONEY, green ?

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    For German Users:,483,3006864.html

    For English Users:


    Thats all we know on this Point.

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    That is a mockup... CGI conception of what they think it will look like.


    Looks nice either way.... I however, doubt it would look like that... Look at the Surface... Its flimsy... Look at the Xboxs... Non-symmetrical in all dimensions and  has never been under motive to be that compact.


    It is also said they will have Onlive *like* features... Where games will be pure online functioning only and will be download only. They aim to do that so people can't get their money back for DLC games.

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    That german site... Is possibly not even in Germany because....

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    720 does not and will never exist.


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    What' a 720 come own man really yeah and its all virtual helmet and all lol please personally I think they should not make us dig in our pockets for a new system and improve the one we already own just saying

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    lol they just came out with the updated dashboard and everything and now theres a new xbox coming next year LOL...

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