Concerning AC3, do you like Connor?

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    My feelings on him are quite mixed, but I can't honestly say I liked him all that much. He seems unable to grasp what it is to be an Assassin. He's incredibly niave and not the most intelligent man on the metaphorical block, two traits I wouldn't usually associate with the Assassin's. He never seems able to grasp that he's part of something far larger than himself, and sweet god do he do some things that annoy me!


    I don't like. I don't hate him, either. I feel that he had all the ingredients for a great character, but the mixture wasn't right. The lack of emotion potrayed by the voice actor is also quite annoying. The stoic and reserved nature fits his people, but its taken too far, especially considering he spends so much time outside of his own people.


    He just didn't click for me. Still, Assassin's Creed: Forsaken is coming in for review in the next few days, so I'm hoping that it can do what the couldn't and get me liking Connor. - Better reviews than IGN, or no money back.


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    I wouldn't say Connor is arrogant, I feel proud is a better word. I do agree Noah Watts portrayal was lacking. If we're going to compare to Ezio however then Ezio is hands down the better assassin but Connor is the better overall fighter. I also think Connor and his main theme go together quite well better than Ezio and Jesper Kyd's effort. Other than that I don't think the two compare well. They are too radically different in two different times.

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    When the heck do I even get Connor lol I've been playing for a while and still on Haythem.

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    Judge Bergan

    When the heck do I even get Connor lol I've been playing for a while and still on Haythem.

    Honestly I would have preferred it if Haytham were the main character.  At least he has some flair to him.  Connor is all like "Get off my land or I'll kill you."  Now I'm not sure if Connor somehow gets a personality later in the game (I certainly hope he does) but as of Sequence 6, he's certainly as dull as can be.

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    I would have prefered Haytham as the main character for the whole game.