Will the Skyrim Legendary Edition DLC work with the original Skyrim disc?

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    I bought the Legendary Edition and I was wondering if when the DLC is installed will it work with the original Skyrim or just the Legendary Edition?

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    Yes it will work.

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    i don't understand the question. you bought the legendary but worried about it working with the standard edition? you mean for game saves and achievements? because i've actually found that when moving from standard to goty on bethesda games, specifically fallout 3, it looks at different saves and achievements...or at least it least me go through the game and see achievements and trophies pop up again, not sure if it actually wiped my achievements and made me start a new game...i know that the assassins creed 2 ezio trilogy on ps3 made me start a new save but didn't let me earn the trophies again for ac2.

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    Hey op, It will work. It will also fix allot of the exploits so if you're wanting to level quickly I'd do it before installing the DLC. Though if you're already on 1.9 it doesn't matter as thats the update that fixes allot.

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    You know what, they didn't even patch one of the best exploits in the game. I swear it was because it wasn't as widely used as the book one, but trust me you can still level so quick with all patches installed.

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    The reason I was wondering is if I install the dlc on my other xbox if it will work for my nephew to play with his original skyrim disc when I am using the Legendary on my primary xbox.

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    It should I remember when the GOTY version of Oblivion came out I borrowed a friends disc to download Shivering Isles onto my HDD and it worked fine with the standard version.

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    The riften "Speech" level is patched, the book is patched. The whiterun fence jump is still there, the Dawnstar invisible chest is still there, the other invisible chests are still there like Solitude. I think smithing doesn't level as fast unless you make better quality goods.

    Also, I have the PS3 version which is a real drag, I mean frame rates from hell

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    What I was referring to is the restoration exploit to make overpowered enchantments which in turn you can sharpen one dagger to get 100 levels on the smithing skill, then sell that dagger for 100 levels in the speech skill.


    I can't recommend enough to do this once you have gotten bored with levelling normally though as anytime before then and you will most likely ruin the game for yourself.

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    I just wondered whether someone could shed some light on this for me: I tried to transfer my separately purchased Skyrim DLC (Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragaonborn) to my new xbox 360, and for whatever reason, while the system states that the add ons are on the system, they are not working.

    So I've just gone ahead and bought the Skyrim Legendary Edition online today, because I'm fed up of trying unsuccessfully to transfer everything to my new console.

    I'm just wondering whether the Legendary edition will overlap/clash with the existing previously purchased DLC, even though they are not working. I don't care if I have to start over again with brand new characters, or whatever.....I'm just hoping that buying the Legendary Edition will resolve my issue, and will it matter if the separately purchased DLC is already on the system?



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    Hi Anna you will need to do a licence transfer in order for your downloaded DLC to fully work on your new console. Just go to the support section of this website if you wanna learn how to do a licence transfer. If you plan on using the legendary editions DLC when you install the DLC it should overwrite the downloaded DLC.

    Xbox 360 FTW.