XBOX One Connected To DVR

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    So I have a TiVo. Obviously, to use the XBOX One's "Live TV" functionality, I'll have to plug the HDMI output of my TiVo to the HDMI input of the XBOX One. And, according to Microsoft's demonstrations, my XBOX One can change between live TV channels (presumably by sending an IR signal from the Kinect sensor to my TiVo or anyone's cable box, I would think.) Here are my questions... What about recorded programs on my TiVo? 90% of everything I watch is recorded, not live. Will the XBOX One be able to control my TiVo menus to access my recorded programs? And what if I want to pause live TV on my TiVo? What happens then to the XBOX One's "Live TV" updates? Will the XBOX One's "Live TV" functionality work with my recorded programs and treat them as if they're playing live? To navigate my TiVo menus, will I have to navigate them within the XBOX One's "guide"? (Essentially putting a "guide within a guide"?) It all seems a little fishy and cumbersome for anyone that uses anything other than a basic non-DVR for watching television. It also seems like I'll have to always have the XBOX One turned on every time I want to watch TV - recorded or otherwise - unless I got an HDMI splitter connected to my TiVo. Lastly, all of XBOX One's supposed "all-in-one" features are really gonna mess with my Logitech Harmony remote settings.
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    P.S. - If my girlfriend has to navigate XBOX One menus just to get to my TiVo menus, it's really going to confuse the heck out of her.  And annoy me to no end.

    Looks like I'll have to invest in an HDMI splitter to connect to the output of my TiVo (one going to my TV and the other to my XBOX One)... Or, just not use the XBOX One's "Live TV" functionality at all.

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    One thought... If, after activating the XBOX One's "Live TV" functionality, I could set my XBOX One to ALWAYS boot up into its Live TV mode, this all might not be as big of a problem.  What I mean is... If I want to watch TV (live or recorded from my DVR through my XBOX One), I don't want to have to start up the XBOX One and navigate through the Home screen of my console (past my Gamer Card, Store, etc.) to get to its "Live TV" mode.  I just want it to automatically start up in "Live TV" mode from the beginning, every time I boot up the console.

    That still doesn't solve all the other questons/concerns I have about the XBOX One's "Live TV" functionality, but at least it will prevent my girlfriend from having to navigate the XBOX One's menus just to get to TV... and then, use my Logitech remote to access the TiVo's menus to get to pre-recorded programs on my TiVo.  Just let me boot up the console and immediately see my TV as I do now (with my TiVo connected directly to the TV.) If I want to play games, I'll just back out of the XBOX One's "Live TV" mode to the XBOX's home screen.

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    Xbox One should have a built-in D.V.R. so you can not only watch your TV on your TV, but also stream it to your Windows P.C. this could be Xbox One's Killer-app (similar to Microsoft Mediaroom).

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    @StubblyNutria40 I would agree... Except for the fact that the Xbox One only has a 500 GB non-user replaceable hard drive and requires every game you play (which comes on a Blu-Ray, which has a storage capacity of up to 50 GB's) to be installed on the system's hard drive... That hard drive is going to fill up FAST as it is, leaving no room for it to act as a television DVR.

    Also, Microsoft has stated already that the Xbox One only acts as a "game DVR" (allowing you to save and upload replays of your gameplay)... Not a television DVR.

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    I was wondering the same thing but I got a DVD/VHS combo but it's the same thing.  no one will know the answers till xbox 1 comes out.

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    Storage can be added via USB 3.0, though I do not expect DVR functionality. I expect a TiVo will be easier to control via its own remote as TiVos do not support HDMI-CEC. That is what made channel switching possible during the reveal event.

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    As far as I know DVR function has not been announced, but could be added later.  

    It's just a pass through.

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    Keep this in mind, though: The Kinect is now your universal remote. The Kinect v2.0 can send out IR blasts, which are used to control almost all TV equipment. It can bounce this IR blast off of the geometry of the room directly to your TiVo, receiver, cable box, and even TV (that's how it can turn on your TV, after all).

    They don't pass commands through the HDMI cable; they do it the old fashioned way.

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    So pay for Cable Box and DVR then pay a fee to use XBOX tv features and pay xbox LIVE the dam thing is an ATM machine.....Xbox "One"  The one device where all your money will go to.

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    I'm sorry, Ryan: how much is Microsoft charging for these things? Let's try to keep this discussion limited to factual information rather than speculation. There is a lot we don't know about the Xbox One right now.

    • We do know that it does not and will not include DVR functionality.
    • We do know that the Kinect v2.0 has an IR blaster that can act as a universal remote (see this Wired article:
    • We do know that the current XBox Live subscriptions will carry over at no additional cost.
    • We also know that a Live subscription will now encompass your entire family instead of being limited to just one user.
    • We know that users will be able to sell and trade games they own (though we do not know how at this point).
    Hopefully the list of what we do know will grow significantly at E3 in three weeks.
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    Remember, persona1138: users get access to Microsoft's cloud storage as well. You do not need to install a game on your local hard drive. You can instead install it, or "pull" it from the cloud on demand. Installing the game seems to add that game's license to your account. Note that they clearly said, "If you own a game, go to a friend's house, and log in to your account, you'll be able to play the game you own". You don't have to bring the disc. You just have to bring the account.

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    you are wrong on the first one.... DVR functionality is not support, but they have said one day it might

    The rest is really irrelevant...  I mean you are paying $40-60 a year for subscription to what I don't even know.

    You will have to keep your cable box, you will have to keep your dvr if it's a different device, etc.   The Xbox neo is just a pass through so you don't have to switch the input... whoopie dooooo.

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    If apps on Xbox One are allowed access to the HDMI live stream and the apps are also allowed to control the ir blaster (or send commands via HDMI) then theoretically the Xbox one could be used to control any other piece of video equipment (like a DVR). Either MS or the DVR manufacturer would just need to write an app that provides an appropriate user interface.

    Of course it all depends on how open the Xbox one will be.

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    MS and open. two words that are rarely in the same sentence.