pre-order backordered

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    I pre ordered off Microsoft,com I was checking my information and checked recent purchases it says that I ordered it on june 12

    Xbox One Day One
    Price: $499.99
    Quantity: 1
    Status: BackOrdered
    Pre-Order Boxed Shipment
    Pre-Order Pre-order now to get Xbox One on the day it's released
    does that mean Imy order is backordered?



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    I ordered on June 11th My receipt says back ordered too. I think they have only just started manufacturing, So probably because it doesn't exist yet,. Just their way of saying they have no stock. Probably just the way the system works when it checks stock of item you order.

    I wouldn't worry receipt says "day one console delivered on day of release".


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    I am pretty sure since they cant ship it they do not have enough (meaning they have none as it is not released yet), the status will say back ordered until their quantity matches the order total.

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    I Worry a bit cause I preordered the xbox 360 at launch really early  and then I was told I was not getting it on launch. I had to go camp at best buy for 12 hours to get one. I just don't know if they are going to have the same problems.

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    You'll be fine :)

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    I think everyone's says it. Just because they're not in stock yet.

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    Not trying to necro the post here but I had an unrelated issue with MS Store and called today (9/24/13). Before I finished the call regarding my other issue I asked about what we are talking about here. What he told me is that while it reserves me a "Day One" edition console, it would not be one that makes it on Nov 22. I asked why and how this could be seeing I had reserved mine on 6/14/13, about the time adverts popped up on the dashboard. All he could tell me was there were a lot of preorders at the time and I just didn't get mine in in time. He continued saying mine "could" be here sometime after Dec 2013. So.... either he was unclear on details or there will be plenty more irritated members out here with this "backordered" status.

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    I don't understand this day one edition stuff. I mean really? Shouldn't you all be more happy if you even get your xbox on the day it releases, over whether its a special day one edition or not? Theres nothing special about it other than it saying "day one edition" on it. Not to rain on anyones parade, but I wouldn't care whether its a special edition or not, as long as I get it on the day it releases, and as long as I even got one.

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    Only thing I care about on my check out order receipt is the words Pre order to get xbox one on the day it's released..If that changes then I will have a problem..Till then im assuming it'll be at my door step at some point on the 22nd.

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    I would worry about the delivery date, there supposed to be another shipment before Christmas or right after. If there is no delivery date I would be concerned when your going to get it too. Good luck. 
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    My information says the same as yours, but check the left side of the page, there is another status there that says "Order in process". I suspect the other is default text and agree with DeliriumBlades as long as it says pre-order to get One on day it's released I'm all good.

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    mine comes on the 22nd... i'll be happy. i'll go pick it up at my GF's after I get done with work

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    I ordered my day one edition through the dash on June 13. Status has been "backordered" since then. I thought once the release date was revealed something would be added or changed, but nothing so far. I think those of us that ordered through the MS Store/dashboard have a right to be concerned due to this "backordered" status, even though the reps are telling us everything is fine. I don't understand why Microsoft is reporting order status in this way if your order is on schedule for release. Just makes anyone who preordered nervous and is probably causing all kinds of confusion and phone calls.

    The  status should say "confirmed day one delivery" or something to that effect. I understand that this is an issue with Microsoft's order tracking system, and that displaying your status as "backordered" (even though you got in the first round of preorders) is the only way their system handles preorders. I can have 20 reps at microsoft tell me that everything is okay and I will get my order on day one, but I just can't accept that until my console is sitting on my doorstep. My gut keeps telling me they are gonna pull something at the end! They are going to say "sorry sir, your order is backordered until mid december. Your order has been showing the backordered status for 3 months sir, you could have cancelled at any time." At which point I will turn into the Hulk.

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    I got an email about 10 days ago that said my Xbox one will arrive on 11/22/13.  My preorder status on the microsoft store website is "in Process" and not "backordered" like it used to be.