Chat pad for XBox One . . .

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     I have a simple question, will the current Chat Pad work with the  New Xbox

    One controller or will we need to purchase a new pad? I have look around and

    have not see a forum post for as of yet.




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    No, No current accessories will work on the Xbox One.


    They will most likely release a new chat pad or perhaps Kinect and/or smartglass function may be used.

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    no it wont work

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    You won't need a new pad if you own a smart phone or tablet. Smartglass will be your chat pad.

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    Smart-glass will be my chatpad?

    Well then I would need a Surface tablet cause I dislike typing without a keyboard.

    Other way I would say a chatpad like the 360 controller has is not a bad idea.

    Since there are people with bigger hands then the new Xbox One controller is.

    Some of them preferred the chatpad for the 360 controller because it gives you a bigger surface and some liked the extra eight on the controller.

    If you ask me a chat pad additional to a tablet would not be a bad idea.

    For me it would be no problem to just use the Surface tablet since I donĀ“t have that big hands problem.

    We will see what they do.

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    As mentioned the current ones for the Xbox 360 will not be compatible, but it would be a good idea to make a version available, not everyone will have a smart glass device.

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    Give them time.  I'm sure they will make one.  I need one of those and a power plant battery charger like they had for the 360 and I'll be set.

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    use a smartphone...Best keyboard out there...

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    I'm just going to use my Ipad that has a bluetooth keyboard with it :D

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    I hope they do make a chatpad for Xbox one because it's so much easier to type on them, (same reason I like the slideout keypad on my Droid 4) well with the exception of the 1 for PlaySation 3, the keys are more like buttons which don't touch unlike the Xbox 360 1 and just not the same. I just find it harder to type on a smaller screen virtual keypad, which however differs vs a regular sized tablet, which is no problem for me at all.  Also, I don't quite see SmartGlass as being the exception for a virtual keyboard anyway because if they stick us with that, you can probably guess/assume what the textural option will be like; Most likely no different than we already do with the scrolling letters on XBox 360, which the chatpad completely eliminates the need for, or pulling up a virtual keyboard anyway.

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    Correction, smartphones are the *worst* keyboards out there. I used Smartglass for some time after the Xbox One came out and it did nothing but *** me off! It never worked properly. It caused me to lose everything I typed in a forum post countless times. Not to mention the fact that I spend more time hitting the wrong characters than I do hitting the right ones. I either use an iPod touch or my smartphone for Smartglass and the buttons are way too small. Even if I make sure to press the right one, it selects the wrong one. I've said this before, touchscreens are inaccurate and will never be as good as physical buttons. Touchscreens also have a hard time registering when you actually touch them. If you don't believe me, try using the companion app for Deadrising 3. Every time I press the button to go back to the home screen, I have to press it multiple times before it will work. I once had to press it 7 times before it would register. It lit up every time so it knew I touched it. Same with answering a call. I have to take my hand off the controller to press the answer button, but every time I try, I have to do it multiple times. While this is going on, I'm being attacked by zombies even though I only should've had to press it once. I don't care how many times they update Smartglass, I will never use it again.


    Another example of why I will never again use or trust a mobile device to interact with a console is YouTube. The YouTube app on Xbox One basically has no search function, forcing me to use the mobile app for searching. I have never had anything crash as often as that mobile app. It crashes while I'm searching, it crashes when I select a video, it fails to load videos forcing me to shut down both the console and mobile apps and start over and videos freeze on the Xbox One but keep playing on the mobile app. It also puts EVERY video from a playlist into the TV que even though I only wanted to watch one, which again, forces me to shut down both apps and start over.


    I have no choice but to use my 360 for YouTube, Internet Explorer, or anything that involves typing until I have an Xbox One Chatpad. I pre-ordered my Xbox One back in June so I would get it at launch but I've barely used it lately because of this. I shouldn't have to ignore something I spent $500 on just because it doesn't have a vital accessory. I don't know whether or not the Xbox One supports usb keyboards, but it doesn't matter. I hate everything about PC, including keyboards and I will die before I plug one into a console! I need a Chatpad A.S.A.P.!

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    I never understood why the Chat Pad was not more widely publicized, pushed and marketed and used.

    It is one of the most incredible accessories ever to be offered on any game system. Plus it was dirt cheap!

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    So microsoft reps out there. What are you going to do about our NEED for an alternative text entry device for our Xbox1s? We stayed loyal to what are you doing for us?

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    ^^There are already two alternative methods for text entry. Smartglass and USB keyboard

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    Well then I would need a Surface tablet cause I dislike typing without a keyboard.

    Use a wireless USB keyboard. Problem solved.