Connecting My Dish Network reciever to Xbox One console...

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    Do I need to use a seperate HDMI cable to get Xbox One to control my TV / Dish Network reciever???

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    you need an hdmi cable to go from your dish network receiver to the xbox one. Just use the one that is connect from your receiver to your TV right now.

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    Thanks greatly, but does the Xbox One console "always" have to be on in order for me to just watch TV???

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    No, the xbox one can be off if you like and the HDMI signal will just pass through...if you plan on using voice controls and channel guide overlay then probably have to leave it on...

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    Alright, thanks for the valuable information @Burnin TODI!

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    Agree with Burnin. Another advantage of leaving it on is that the tv guide can update itself so you have the latest tv guide available.

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    One would hope that data would be populated without need for the console to be "on."  Time will tell.

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    @KLR. You don't have to have the X1 on to watch tv. It'll pass the data through regardless. That's why it's "pass through".

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    So if my wife doesn't want to use the xbox to watch tv she can just use the regular cable  remote and dvr with the xbox turned off? Awesome. And if I want to use the Xbox guide to watch tv I just turn xbox on and do it through the xbox? Also awesome

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    Disregard my last post because it makes me sound like an idiot. Pass through just means that it passes the signal through the X1. It doesn't do anything with the signal other than that. So I honestly don't know whether you'll need the X1 on or not.

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    I'm getting skeptical of this issue now because if I ALWAYS leave the Xbox One console "On" just to be able to watch TV wont that overheat the Xbox One console itself???

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    @Gull...I very much doubt that the processing to overlay a tv guide on your TV would generate more heat than say, playing a game for four hours....there is also a low power state for the xbox one as should have no concerns of any overheating for the HDMI pass through...

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    I'm sure they tested this extensively to make sure that no overheating issues would occur from the 360 launch. Plus, it has a built in safeguard if it does start to get too hot.

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    I have an old Dish receiver, the 625. It does not have a HDMI out on the back of it. So will I have to buy a AV to HDMI converter (lowest priced $30 on ebay), or could I just buy a cable to do this job? The only problem with this is the only cables I have found say "HDMI male to AV"? I would love to refrain from giving $30 on one of these boxes if a simple cable for $5 will do the job. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you.

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    Unfortunately, you'll need the HDMI to A/V converter.