READ ME! Microsoft Store Xbox One Pre-order info.

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    If you have pre-ordered your Xbox One from the Microsoft Store, this message is for you.  

    Tracking information on your order will be updating around midnight tonight (12:01AM 11/22) your local time. 

    We know you are all eagerly awaiting your console arrival, but have no fear. As soon as midnight rolls around, you will be able to accurately track your consoles arrival. 

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    Oh thank god. I was honestly about to call them, then decided to check here just incase anyone else was encountering tracking issues.

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    Yeah no worries. I was slightly worried as well, as mine has been in Ontario since I got the email, but all is well.

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    This post needs to be mandatory reading. Way too many people freaking out. This is one of the reasons I ordered from MS. I was a little worried seeing as mine is coming from Memphis,TN and they got robbed last week for some Xbox One's.


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    Good to hear. Its a little odd to get the shipment notification back on the 16th and not have 1 change of status since then. I think thats why people are freaking out.

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    Spread the word!

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    Good news for eager Xbox One owners :)  Thanks Mister O

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    That's a sigh of relief. I saw the confirmation email from MS and I was surprised and happy all at the same time.

    Hopefully when I come back from college, the Xbox One will be waiting for me with open arms!

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    And what if i still haven't my comfirmation email ?

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    If your confirmation email is not in your inbox or junk/spam filters, you will want to contact the Microsoft Store Support team

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    don't you mean midnight tomorrow? midnight is the first minute of a new day

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    I contacted them this morning and the girl said is everythings ok but im sceptic . Im from quebec, canada and the french people at the microsoft store service center are not very informed about the subjet...

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    How are folks figuring out where their units are originating?

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    Thanks for the info, glad to see a sticky up will appease some of the fears we all have.