Xbox one failure rate?

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    ive been reading but see no trending issues.


    what are we looking at here the 1%-2% that sony had?


    if so thats good news all around.

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    I can you one thing...after visiting freinds who work in 2 big gamestops...they are having all the issues with the Day Ones..and none so far with the standard green box editions..

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    Lol I stopped my gaming relationship with Microsoft after going through 7 XBOX 360 consoles....the original Xbox console only lasted 2 years. I still have my original PS, PS2 & PS3 consoles and they all still work fine. Currently using PS4 and I couldn't be happier. If Microsoft were having issues just like with the last console they would refuse to admit it for at least 2 years.

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    It isn't bad. There has been similar threads asking this.

    You get the odd person making a thread about mainly disc drive failure but not many. I think after the mass failure rates of the 360, the Internet would come down on the X1 like a ton of bricks if it had bad failures, and you just don't see it. I'm on a day one X1 and it's fine, quiet and runs cool, no noises from the blu-ray drive.... It's all good.

    In response to the post above. I had several PS1 and PS2's fail on me, I also still have my original Xbox in full working order, the 360 though was a pig and I went through 4 I think. I still have My Gears 3 console going strong though.

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    The failure rate is not that bad.  There has been hardly any information regarding it.  The Xbox One was built to last and be the main hub for anything and everything.  I have 2 day ones and a Titanfall edition.  They are all going strong and quiet.  

    And I agree with Goatsnatcher.  I went through several PS and PS2's.  I had a couple PS3's go out on me.  My OG  Xbox is rocking to this day.  But I did go through a couple 360's.

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    Goat.. the guy before you responded to a thread from 2013 and added nothing to it except for the fact he does not know how to handle or own electronics.

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    I never even noticed it was an old thread until now...... Oh well.

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    Old thread means -> locked ;-)

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