Xbox One can't communicate with my Dish Network Satellite Box

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    Apparently I'm the only one in the world with this problem. I've searched and found no answers, and even stumped Microsoft's customer service. Let's see if anyone out there has found a solution: When I use OneGuide and tell my Xbox to "watch (channel name)" it will accept my command, but it will NOT change the channel. I tried reconfiguring my box, and when my xbox sends the signal to change the channel on my set top box, the channel does not change. Of course, when I selected that it didn't work, it just tries again in an infinite loop... Not really solving anything. I've also tried changing the channel via the controller. I pull up the Oneguide, go to another channel, press A... And the channel does not change. My Xbox fully recognizes and paired with my TV. The Oneguide has all of my local listings and channels. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to change the channel with the Xbox. Any one have any ideas? I'm using the Echostar ViP722k set top box with Dish Network. Thanks!
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    Same.  I got DirecTV with directtv box and channel will not change.

    ATI Crossfire!

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    Same here same box as you.

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    Hey guys, it sounds like you have 1 of 2 problems:

    1) Both DISH and DIrecTV can be set to use only RF control, and not IR. Check your settings to make sure IR remote controls are enabled.

    2) Dish users - even if IR is enabled, you may be using a different IR address. Hit the system info button on the front of your STB. It should tell you the IR address, and if it's not "1" they you need to change it to 1.

    -Press and hold "SAT" until the top lights blink

    -Press "1"

    -Press "#"

    -Press "record"

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    I've got the same issue, although I'm on Time Warner with a Samsung stb. SMT-H3362 or something is the model number, which doesn't show up when I try to manually set it up. 3262 does though...ugh...

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    You sir... Are a genius. THANK YOU.

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    Anyone having this issue, do exactly what Studbucket said.

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    Doesn't seem to work on Hopper w/Sling boxes or the 40 UHF remote, doing the above sequence does not

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    My Xbox one won't change the channel on my dish receiver either, I checked system info and it is set to IR and 1.  Can't change the channel still.  At a total loss.

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    Not sure if it's completely necessary, but did you open the batter area on your remote and switch the tiny switch in there to IR? Give that a try, and then repeat the steps above.

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    Yes, everything there is good, I am wondering if it is because it is a dual reciever and it's dvr but it also controls the satellite in my bedroom, that receiver is set to channel 8, which I am assuming is because if they were both set to one, it would change the channel in both rooms.  I am wondering if it's because the set too box controls satellite on both TV's. It shouldn't matter I don't think though as long as the one tv is set to channel 1 which it is.

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    I am sorry the iR address is set to 1 for the tv the Xbox is hooked up to.  The address is 8 for the tv in the bedroom.

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    That did the trick! Everything works now! Thanks

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    @ZLYBACK I have the Hopper With Sling also and the Kinect is controlling everything.