Dead Rising 3 voice issue?

    • Level   5
    Just tried playing today and when I talk to a character or there is a cutscene I can't hear any audio coming from them. I can hear background noise and sound effects just fine. My options have speech volume all the way up. What the heck happened?
    • Level   5

    The voice audio mixing isn't very good. I noticed this issue today also.

    • Level   5

    So apparently the Xbox switches to Surround 7.1 on its own. I switched it back to Surround and everything works now.

    • Level   2

    I am having the same exact issue daily. Xbox knows nothing about it. Please call the and report the issues so we can make sure it's not our hardware.

    • Level   1

    Can confirm that changing your surround sound settings will fix the problem, atleast it worked for me :)