Blu Ray Update?

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    Noticed the Blu Ray Player had updated today.  Does anyone know what it was for?

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    Its an update for the people that have 24khz tvs the audio didn't sync up but other than that no idea. Can be wrong on the frequency as well but it was to fix that tv problem


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    Ah so they finally fixed the sync problem, awesome, Also no such thing as 24khz, what you may be referring too is people who play there blurays at 24Hz refresh rate, this option is ideally what you want to play your blurays at if you have a 120Hz TV or higher, the option can be changed under "Disc & Blu-Ray" option in the Settings app, if you have a 60Hz TV then leave it unchecked, which it is by default, if you have a 120Hz or above TV then check it, by default the XB1 will play your Blu-Rays in 60Hz, which the native refresh rate of Blu-Rays are 24Hz and that doesn't go into 60 evenly obviously so it creates a slight juddering effect, however if you have a 120Hz TV for instance then you'll want this option checked so that the XB1 played the disc at it's native 24Hz refresh rate and your TV will take that and play it at 120, and 24Hz goes into 120 evenly therefore no juddering effect.

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    I think that was a problem with the European TVs.

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    @Z31 Not quiet, I have a 2013 LG TV and it had the same problem, though to be fair the audio sync error was only noticeable in a few scenes and such and I believe once more it only appeared if you had the XB1 set to play blurays at 24Hz, it plays them at 60Hz by default.

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    I know for a fact my TV is higher at 240hz, so when I get my next Blu-ray from Netflix, I'll turn the 24hz option back on in the settings menu & see if it does much better or not.

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    @galactic Geek Well there ya go man, if you're tv is higher then 60Hz, you should always have blurays play at 24Hz so that you're TV can then play them in an even, yet higher refresh rate.

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    Out of curiosity, does anyone know why this didn't update automatically?

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    @BC32 If I'm not mistaking, updates aren't installed automatically, they're downloaded automatically but not installed, however I think if you have the power settings set to keep ur console in standby mode that the consoles system updates will download and install automatically, but not updates for apps.

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    That's what  I have mine set on. I thought it automatically updated everything when an update was available. I guess apps are different. This is the first time I've had to manually update anything on the one. Thanks Vulcan.