Crew 69 Grand Theft Auto IV + V Roleplay Clan

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    Crew 69 Grand Theft Auto IV + V Roleplay Clan for Xbox 360

    Go Big or Go Home.

    Crew 69 is a clan for die hard Grand Theft  Auto fans.

    Roleplays in Crew 69 are unique in almost every way. Create your own character to be entered in our database, and live a life of luxury, idealism and morality, living the American dream. Then again, there's that ever-so-tempting life of crime and glory waiting just over the horizon. Though we are a roleplay clan at heart, we have a variety of different game styles we partake in. Visit our website below for more information.

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    Add this account  to join the clan. If you don't, you won't receive invites!

    <===(I'm over here on the left)

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    Game tonight at 4:30pm EST is open to non-members! Hop in and give us a try tonight.

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    Hey, Korgan 360 here. Just an FYI that I've changed my gamertag to Rockstar Cake. Also, we will be losing one of our leaders - Honda Fan X5 - until the 17th of the month.

    With more news, clan games will still be going on in the Ballad whenever we have enough people. As usual, add Crew 69 Admin if you want to join, contact me for any other information you might need - and game on.

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    Note to members and those wishing to join: We now have reached 40 members! We have merged with XOGC (Xtreme Online Gaming Community, and are evolving and becoming better than before. Please check us out (website above) and give us a try! We're always accepting new members, constantly updating databases and giving out offers and ingame bonuses, and still are the best Grand Theft Auto roleplay clan you're ever gonna come across.

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    Join us today.