Netflix selection: What's available?

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    Their site lists available titles, but the site is terrible and finding just a plain list of titles (like TV shows or movies) seems near impossible to find.

    Is there any way to see what Netflix has availble to stream apart from the Netlix site?

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    Netflix has a 30 day trial on the console for you if you like.  But the site should have a search option for you to type in movies/tv shows you're interested in.

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    Hmm, I know about searching for titles, but I'm wondering if there is just a listing of TV shows/movies for streaming. Is there, or am I just missing something on the netflix site?

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    the selection imo is pretty decent. i thought with the whole starz  netflix deal ending the wouldnt have much left. im on the free trial and the selection is large enough that im gonna pay for the service.

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