To The Enforcement Team: Gamertag Change and Harassment

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    ok i have just been talking to the agent called Kimberly about soem abuse i have been getting  and she said something about getting a free gamertag change but only the Enforcement team can confirm this so Kimberly said make a forum and the Enforcement team can help heres the reffernce number : 1178355368

    please help!


    Many Thanks



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    If someone is harassing you then your best bet is to block communications and file a complaint via your console. I've never heard of free gamertag changes, so the rep you spoke with may not have known what she was talking about. A lot of them seem to just direct people to the forums when they don't know a better answer.

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    The only time you can get a free change is if people report your gamertag, and if the enforcement team feels it needs to be changed they will let you do that for free. As for this problem, do was the person above said, block and report.

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    Dear James,

    Your request has been Aladeen. Thank you and have an Aladeen day

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    I thought there had been many debates on the forums about a "free name change". I thought that never happened. Xbox enforcement can force you to change your gamertag, but you pay for it.

     Had a 48 hour LIVE card recently and couldn't believe all the profane/vulgar gamertags I saw (all reported by the way). I can't believe some of these made it through the filter, or Xbox allowing these type of gamertags.Then there's the numerous "John Gotti" tags, the many "Pablo Escobar" tags ("don't create a gamertag of notorious people").

     Before I get ripped for "complaining", these type of tags USED to be against the TOU/COC.

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    OP please do not post a reff number on here Contact a Mod who can direct you , to the proper forum section