Skyrim: List of Character Traits and Perks Revealed

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    "The long awaited news regarding Skyrim’s race abilities and perk trees is starting to trickle in. Eurogamer Expo 2011 uncovered a plethora of new screenshots and information. Most of this can be found over on the forums. For now we have a nearly complete list, but eventually you will want to have one of these for a game of this nature. Enjoy!

    Special thanks to Sammuthegreat from the Bethesda boards who has provided us with this information.

    Racial Abilities

    - ORCS: Beserker
    - REDGUARDS: Adrenaline Rush
    - WOOD ELF: Resist poison, resisit disease, command animals
    - NORD: Battlecry
    - KHAJIIT: Night-eye, claw attacks
    - IMPERIAL: Voice of the Emperor, find more coins when looting
    - HIGH ELF: Regenerate Magicka more quickly
    - DARK ELF: Ancestor’s Wrath (surround self in fire), resist fire
    - BRETON: Dragonskin (absorb spells), resist shock
    - ARGONIANS: Histskin (regenerate health quickly), resist disease, breathe underwater

    Note on racial stats: Each race starts off with different stats.

    -Argonians start with 25 in Lockpicking, 20 in Pickpocketing, Sneak, etc…
    -Orcs start with 25 in Heavy Armour, 20 in Enchanting, Smithing etc…

    Perk Trees

    - Buying and selling price 10% better (5 ranks)
    - 10% price buying from opposite ***
    - Invest in shops and increase available gold permanently in invested stores
    - Master Trader – every merchant in world gains 1000 gold for bartering
    - Buy and sell from any merchant regardless of what they normally buy and sell
    - Intimidation attempts twice as successful
    - Persuasion attempts more likely successful

    - Potions 20% stronger (5 ranks)
    - Potions for restore health, magicka or stamina are 25% more powerful (maybe ranked)
    - Poisons 25% more effective (maybe ranked)
    - Poisons last for twice as many hits
    - Two ingredients are gathered from plants
    - 50% resistance to all poisons
    - All negative effects removed from potions and all positive removed from poisons
    - 2 effects of an ingredient are revealed when testing it for the first time (instead of just one)

    - Dual casting overcharges effect for more powerful spell
    - Cast Novice spells for 50% less magicka
    - Cast Apprentice spells for 50% less magicka
    - Cast Adept, Expert, Master etc spells for 50% less magicka (more levels this time around)
    - Spells work on higher level animals
    - Spells work on higher level people
    - All spellcasting (from ANY school) is done silently
    - Spells work on undead, daedra and automatons
    - Fear spells work on higher level enemies

    - Novice for 50% magicka etc (up to Master)
    - Dual casting overcharges –> greater spell effect
    - Bound weapons do more damage
    - Bound weapons cast Soul Trap on target
    - Bound weapons banish certain creatures
    - Reanimate undead with 100 more health
    - Summon 2 Atronachs or reanimated zombies
    - Summon Atronachs at twice the distance
    - Summoned Atronachs twice as strong

    - More damage for each school (fire, frost and shock) – ranked
    - Novice for 50% magicka etc.
    - Shock damage chance to disintegrate targets if their health is under 10%
    - Frost damage chance to paralyse targets if health low
    - Fire damage chance to make low health enemies flee
    - Place runes 5x farther away

    - Healing spells also restore stamina
    - Novice for 50% less magicka etc
    - Healing spells do 50% more healing
    - Recharging healing spells
    - More is recharged with each hit with healing spells (unclear)
    - Spells more effective against undead
    - Once a day chance to autocast 250HP restoration when health drops low
    - Magicka regenerates 25% faster

    - Novice for 50% less etc
    - Alteration spells have greater duration (ranked)
    - Absorb 30% magicka that hits you

    - Enchants are 20% stronger (ranked)
    - Enchanted armour 25% stronger
    - “Soul gems provide extra magicka for recharging” – again, dodgy recording but that’s what I heard, even if it doesn’t make much sense
    - Death blows to creatures but not people trap souls for weapon recharge
    - Health, magicka and stamina enchants stronger
    - Extra effect on already-enchanted weapon can be applied
    - Shock, Frost and Fire enchants 25% stronger (individual perks for each element)

    Heavy Armour
    - Increase armour rating 20% (5 ranks)
    - Unarmed attacks with heavy armour gauntlets – damage increased by gauntlets’ armour rating
    - Half fall damage if all in heavy armour
    - Heavy armour weighs nothing and doesn’t slow you at all
    - Additional 25% armour if in matching set
    - 25% armour bonus if all in heavy armour (not necessarily matching)
    - 50% less stagger if all in heavy armour
    - 10% damage reflected back to enemy if all in heavy armour

    2-handed weapons
    - 2h weapons do 20% more damage (5 ranks)
    - Attacks with warhammers ignore 25% armour (ranked)
    - Attacks with battleaxes do extra bleeding damage (ranked)
    - Attacks with greatswords do extra critical damage (ranked)
    - Power attacks cost 25% less stamina
    - Standing power attacks do 25% bonus damage, chance to decapitate
    - Sprinting power attacks do double (critical) damage
    - Sideways power attacks hit all targets
    - Backwards power attacks have 25% chance of paralysis

    - Bows do 25% more damage
    - Zoom in
    - Zooming slows time
    - 10% crit chance
    - Move faster with drawn bow
    - Recover twice as many arrows from dead bodies
    - 50% chance of paralysing for few seconds
    - Draw bow 30% faster

    - 20% harder to detect (ranked)
    - Sneak attacks do 6x damage with 1h weapons
    - Sneak attacks with bows do 3x damage
    - Sneak attacks with daggers do 15x damage (end perk on skill tree)
    - Noise from armour reduced 50%
    - No longer activate pressure plates
    - Sprinting while sneaking performs silent forward roll
    - Running does not affect detection chance
    - Crouching can make hostile enemies lose sight of you and search for a target."


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    I already spoiled it for myself watching the 20+ min full demo. I am so excited for this game and don't want to diminish that any more. I'm sure a lot of people will be interested in this though, Elite. Nice post. *thumbs up*