xbox one rumors

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    if it is true that xbox one will not be backwards compatible, will not be allowed offline (I have cancer and sometimes have to be in a hospital so I need entertainment, with out Internet) and will have a fee for used games, Microsoft, you WILL lose me and most likely a lot, and I mean a lot of you customers, this is why we loved you, no used game fee, could be offline and could backwards compatible, so if these rumors are indeed true, good bye! I have been planning on a 2014 purchase for you system, so you have a year for me to get you head out off you rear ends and use your brains, you all are a bunch of very intelligent people, now show us that. if you don't fix it, my compliment will be come idiots instead of intelligent. yours truly, Pvt. Eastin.


    ps, however, I am not a fan of the voice commands,(I hope there is a way to disable this feature) I like the quick change, and I like the graphics, blue ray, but I don't need to change tell my xbox to change to my tv, I can get up and change my channel, I think you guys need to do a actual user poll of what features you need to and not need to have, I have given you company over probably over 700 dollars in business, I think I have a say.

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    Nope, its not backwards compatible at all. As for the online all the time, well everytime you put a new game on it you need to register it online. Other then that the system has to check in something like once every 24 hours because Microsoft thinks you're a filthy pirate trying to steal from them. Yup, you're also going to have to pay them an additional fee for used games, although they haven't said how much. The system is also required to use Kinect so you'll have to drag that to the hospital as well. My best advice is to buy a PS4. I have sunk probably 10-15 thousand dollars in XBox stuff, not to mention Games for Windows Live, and Windows 8 Live games. After the 360 the XBox brand is dead to me and I won't be supporting it with another cent. I find it almost funny Microsoft is blaming the media for this wave of negative press against the XBox Done. Their the ones that made the system with all these stupid features, not the media.

    Better Without Kinect!

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    Hey Buddy. I'm just going to clarify this, you don't have to have an "always-on" internet connection. You can play offline.

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    Dahunter, but your box does have to connect to the internet once every 24 hours to keep functioning.  This to me is Microshaft flat out saying to its consumers "We do not trust you." Of course they disguise it as keeping all the wonderful content up to date.  It is *** plain and simple.

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    Bad enough we gotta deal with Adobe's greed now MIcrosoft as well.

    As much as I (and everyone I know) was waiting for a new XB platform - as much of a MIcrosoft supporter (and developer) that I am, this really disappoints me that MS would go this route.

    Not compatible with '360 game?  Now not only with the 'One / Kinect v2 wired into my home theater, I need to have my '360 / Kinect v1 dangling off the side of my component rack just so I can still play my '360 investment?  Really Microsoft, REALLY?

    With all the virtualization you've touted, you can't virtualize a '360 OS when a 360 game is inserted?

    SMH if all this really comes to fruition...


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    Oh, and I forgot to mention, you had the best thing in the WORLD when you had Netflix party mode; being able to team up with your buddies / extended family and watch a movie together was the best thing since CAVE DRAWINGS!

    If you don't (finally) bring this back on the 'One, I'm NOT going to be all that interested anyway.  You HURT a lot of folks MS by taking that away (for what looks like simply because that new Tile based UI (which nobody asked for anyway) didn't support that party feature any longer - it wasn't Netflix that yanked the capability...)

    Want to rule the world MS?  Allow party mode with HBO GO AND Netflix - being able to use the XBox platform for virtual movie outings for HBO / Netflix  (and others) subscribers?

    Now THAT would dominate...


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    The Xbox One will not require gamers to pay a fee to reactivate a used game, but it will require a regular online spot check to verify the authenticity of games being played, according to sources familiar with the system.

    While an internet connection will be required for the console, the company is also experimenting with special exemption codes that could be given to select people in very particular, internet-free situations, like active-duty soldiers serving in war zones, sources tell Polygon.

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    I travel a lot for work. Play in hotels, etc..  Offline.. Sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks at a time.. All Offline..

    What am i to do if it cant do the 24hr check in for a couple days, weeks?    

    I also have several 360's at home now..  If i put in several 1's..  Install a game on living room console..  then when i'm out for a week, my son takes the original disk to basement gameroom to play..   Doh, i'm on the road so now he's gotta pay a FEE to play it with the original disk in the same house....   Then my daughter wantys to play.. Now she has to pay the FEE over again??    Does not anyone see how crooked this is??