Kinect keeps turning off by itself

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    It's happened a couple of times, I have to power down the console and unplug and rep lug in the camera. Anyone else have this issue. First noticed it in bf4 kept losing sight of me for head tracking.
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    its worse for me the kinect keeps turning on and off like every few seconds or every minute and it wont listen to any of my commands such as "xbox on" or "xbox go to netflix". when i say the commands it just tells me that the kinect is unpluged on top right corner even though the kinect is on but then it turns off. i cant even find the problem on the support page and im scared that my kinect may be broken.

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    I think you guys have a broken kinect. might wanna contact MS and file for a replacement. Mine never turns off

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    Your kinect is broken...or about to break completely.

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    I actually figured out what was wrong the console became unstable for some reason so all i had to do was reset the console to factory defaults. the only bummer is that i have to reinstall all of my games but thankfully i only have 2 games.

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    Resetting factory defaults did not work. Don't waste your time just return it. The Kinect is broken.

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    Just disconnect the power to the console for a few seconds, worked for me!

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    Is it plugged in all the way? I ask because mine crashed and said it wasn't plugged in when I had already been using it. This was after the Feb update.

    I was able to push the plug in a tiny bit more, and felt a click... It's been good ever since... Not one crash.

    Also, if you have the "Resume game quickly (Beta) option selected I've heard this can cause crashes, but is going to be fixed in the March update. I have my One on power saver mode (longer boot times I know, but I'm ok with that) and I've not suffered any issues apart from the Kinect thing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Removing the power and kinect leads. The putting them back in place seem to do the trick... make sure you hsve the kinect in fully

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    Removing the power and kinect leads from the console. Then put them back in place, making sure you have the kinect in fully.  This has sorted my problem of the kinect switching on & off by itself.   Think the console was out of wack as game saves would not work either. Just left me at the loading screen. 

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    I have same issue but I've tried to register my console but keeps saying it is already registers but does not appear in my registered devices ?

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    So I'm not the only one with that problem. Mine keeps turning on and off. I reset it multiple times and its up to date, and it still has that problem. How can we be sure it's broken?

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    Turn off the Xbox. Unplug the kinect and then the power cable. Let it sit for about a minuet. Plug the kinect back in and the the power cable and start it back up. Seems to be the way to fix it, however, if it doesn't work contact Microsoft and have them replace the kinect for you.

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    My Kinect kept doing this, this weekend.  I turned off my Xbox disconnected the power cord and disconnected the Kinect cord too.  After about 30 seconds I plugged in the Xbox power cord and turned it on.  After i came on i went to the settings clicked Kinect then plugged in my Kinect.  Its working fine now.  But it is a worrisome problem that i fear will get worse in the future.

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    Very helpful branmuffin.

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