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    Are there any good tips on how to control this game?

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    It's tough to give any tips regarding "control." My best advice would be to play it and play it and play it. Eventually, you will become quite comfortable with it. It does take time as I remember. Good luck!

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    Xbox Feedback!

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    Here are some tips and tricks to help you lesser snow gods out.....possibly this post will be updated once and awile

    - What is the easiest way to beat a RAIL MEDIA CALLOUT?

    Get on the rail as soon as you can, and tap them buttons as fast as you can in different combos, try to do 1 or 2 flips on the rail early (longer rails) to get 1.2 multiplier after 2 flips on the rail, and 1.5 once you jump off.....

    - How do you get so many points?

    Mainly stylish tricks linked together. You dont always need to butter to maintain your combo and that is crucial.Spins and flips suck for points, always do off axis tricks when going for maximum points. Shoulder button tricks work well if you figure out t he right trick to do off certain sizes of jumps.

    - Do you need to build park objects for massive score?

    No. Most of the Snowquest challenges are good lines to get combos dont need to build anything extra to get a lot of points...

    - What does the purple/yellow colors on my score mean?

    Learn to be able to read this, if your score is yellow and u try to do another trick ur combo will end. Keep an eye on this.

    - Do kitty challenges

    These will teach you how to follow a certain line. If you can do an ok combo on a kitty challenge you should be able to get really good combos elsewhere.

    - Take risks

    You can always do the combo over again, try some risky lines or tricks to push ur luck and push ur score higher.

    - Learn to drop a low scoring but high multiplier combo but quickly get into another combo after to maintain your multiplier. your balance will be reset, you'll have a high multiplier and if there are big jumps it will be easy to get mega points.

    - carve early in a combo (if possible) to get a bit of multiplier and to maintain your butter balance for later


    - always do another flip or spin or aerial right away landing to get another full multiplier

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    Thx for the tips!

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