how do you recruit assassins ???

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    i have done the liberation missions but no assassin 

    what missions do i need to do ?


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    The game pretty clearly tells you that there is a contact for each area and once the area is liberated they will join as an assassin. Just because its been tweaked from the last games doesn't make it not exist.  (also explained in-game) to access the guild menu to send assassins on missions. So uhh yeah, maybe pay attention to the game.

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    So uhh maybe you don't need to be such a d-bag with your answers

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    I gotta agree with OP eagle you're tone is douchie. Forums are here so that we can all answer questions and speak as a community. I imagine with respect. Showing it would be nice.

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    You have to run around every map looking for Liberation and Assassination Contract Missions. Not every spot on the map will be shown just by doing all the Viewpoints, some of the missions are in spots that you literally have to run past to reveal. If you pull up your map and push up on the left stick once it will show the Assassin zones of each map, each zone has a person you can recruit once you've done all of the Assassin missions in that zone.