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    Hey All,

    In all the previous games, you use to be able to buy the shops in the game to get an income etc... I was wandering around last night, and it doesn't see, like you can in this one. Is this correct?

    It]'s a shame if you cant. Use to be a nice little side task of things to do when you were bored of just killing people!


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    I don't remember buying a shop in AC 1 or 2 maybe you did in those two other AC side games which had nothing to with the series 1-3. All you can do is build your homestead, invite crafters to live on your land, keep up with supplies etc...this is cool enough in my book. There are enough things to do in this game chest, feathers, pages, killing, ship battles, isn't this enough?

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    ^^ Your memory is pretty bad then because the whole idea of buying shops and renovating them to make more money was introduced in Assassin's Creed 2 and was then intergrated into BrotherHood and Revaltions. I too miss this feature as well since it was a very good and stable way of makeing money which you need quite a bit of in AC 3 to upgrade yourself and ship and other things. Although money is not hard to come by you can still steal from people or loot from dead bodys or get money from chests Another way is to Increase your homestead with crafters, Hunters,Lumbers,farmers ect ect. and send convoys out as much as you can since this gets you a good amount of money. Last but not least HUNT ALOT and kill every animal you see and field dress it this method can bring you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much money I did this for like 2 hours straight and ended up selling everything for like $15,0000. So while I miss the shop method all of these other ways are very good substitutes.

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    By the way Riven57 AC brotherhood and AC revelations has everything to do with AC 3 if Brotherhood and revelations weren't made there would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo many plots holes from AC 2 to AC 3.

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    I too am missing the shop system, the ledger could do with more explaining so like Bullets I tend to go on a mad hunting run and sell everything for a tidy profit.

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    So I guess I need to go to NY " to sell pelts to different general stores" achievement"

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