Just started playing as Connor....

    • Level   4

    So I have just started playing as Connor - the young Connor around the Frontier.

    Is it me or is it quite difficult trying to figure out which trees he can actually climb up?!  Also, the same goes for cliff faces - I've gone up to a few where he can't climb and others he can. Finding it hard to distinguish between the 2?!  Also, some of the trees that I have managed to climb, seem to have loads of mist around them - how are you supposed to be able to see where to go?!

    Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the game  but just finding this whole tree climbing thing slightly annoying. You can't just run up to and climb any tree (like you can with any building) - you have to look for specific trees :P

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    • Level   8

    Trees with limbs sticking out and dead looking stumps. rock face that look more like granet you can climb. when up a tree it is basicly auto right trigger Connor will move to the next branch. also you will have two achivements to gain one by using trees for 100 Kil and  jumping off a 50 foot high point into water both can be done in the frontier area.