Crafting questions.

    • Level   5
    Where on earth are you supposed to get the things like iron ore? I can't figure it out.
    • Level   8

    Just keep doing the Homestead missions. You'll eventually gain the ability to get iron, although I can't for the life of me remember how many missions you need to do to start producing iron.

    • Level   3
    You need to have Norris (the miner) settle on your homestead, although I do not remember if he has to be level 1 or 2. I think you can also get iron ore doing the assassin's colony missions.
    • Level   6

    Is this the same for Ingots as well?

    • Level   7

    You can either lock pick the chest or do homestead missions

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    • Level   5


    Is this the same for Ingots as well?

    Ingots are special items that you cannot buy, but there is a hidden box on a ledge off the cliff behind the barn on the homestead.


    • Level   4

    I found the crate behind the manor, I got the special iron ingots and when I try to craft something I can't. What's the matter?

    • Level   3

    Does the message read Missing Resources or perhaps your artisan's skill level is no high enough.

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    • Level   6

    Jawest78 - I owe you a pint, got the crate and made my War tomahawk and Royal pistol at last.

    • Level   9

    That royal pistol is the best. If only my twin holsters would stay twinned.

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