Treasure Maps

    • Level   5

    How do you read the Treasure Maps i am totally clueless with this. I have no idea if i even heading in the right direction lol

    • Level   1

    The 6 digit number on the map is the coordinates of the island. Pull the map up and move the cursor till the numbers next to it match the numbers on the map. Then go by the drawings on the map to find the treasure in relation to the land marks.

    • Level   7

    I think other than the first treasure map you find, all the maps will correspond to another island. Took me awhile to figure that out trying to find the Abaco Island treasure. I hope the rewards get better because so far, it hasn't been worth it finding the treasure imo..

    Where is the quote button?

    • Level   5

    Thanks guys, appreciate it :)

    • Level   2

    @Advantage Camo It's not about the loot imo, it's the fun of having to decipher the map on your own.