AC: Brotherhood Online None Existent?????

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    Hi guys :),

    iv had AC Brotherhood since it came out i fink :s,

    but i wasnt in to the multiplayer as much but i want to complete it now n all i need is the online achievements but im waiting around for ages in the lobby n it wont find any one at all..

    is there people who still play this online?


    another thing is tha i cant connect to a game wiv any one on my friends list it keeps sayin unreachable (i fink)??

    does any one know y that is??


    thanks for the help :)

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    It's been like that for me ever since I got the game, but I got it about a week before it came out officially, so I had to wait until people got it to play online. But it still took ages to find games. I think it's just because it was the first Assassins Creed to have multiplayer, so they weren't really that great with handling it. The servers were slow, and sometimes unreachable, even if several people were trying to find a game, it wouldn't put them together. It's probably not going to get better. :(

    You also probably can't connect to your friends on the game for the same reason, the servers won't let you connect to each other.

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    I'd hope not because those are mainly the achievements I worry about. I'd assume that the slow matchmaking would be related to internet speed though.

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    I have the same trouble, i believe its because there isn't that many people playing it if you do wait for a while you will eventually get in a game but it does take a while. It is easier to get into a game with Revelations though.

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    That seems to happen to me too, I usually just wait it out. But the reason you cannot join your friends may be because one or more of you have faulty internet, or a slow modem.

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    I played for a few hours yesterday and had no problem finding games

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    "another thing is tha i cant connect to a game wiv any one on my friends list it keeps sayin unreachable (i fink)??

    does any one know y that is??"

    It's quite possible you might have a Moderate or Strict NAT. Here's how to find out and possibly fix it:

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    I was having the same problem tonight. Couldn't find a game.

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    It's not easy but sometimes I give it a try for Assassinate.

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    Lots of people have playing for me