BF3 not working?

    • Level   3

    So when I put BF3 in my xbox, it goes to the Start menu and then loads then it's black. I hear no sound or anything. I can take out the game and the xbox goes to the dashboard. I've cleaned both the Xbox and BF3 disc. What's wrong?

    • Level   9

    .....basically DICE/EA sucks


    this add on is fun, but man can it be a pain to load.....anyway, typical DICE breaking stuff  when they they "fix" it

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    It's not Armoured Kill, it's BF3 in general.

    • Level   5

    more like armour trash

    • Level   5

    ... Looked at your most recent game... just loled.

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    My disc 2 has a small crack for no apparent reason. They put the game on crappy made discs.