Achievements not unlocking

    • Level   1
    Ive collected all items and have yet to unlock the achivements for assignments and collectables. I got each achievemrnt for the three endings and never got the achievement for completing all three endings. Is anyone else experiencing this? Also data corruption and lost progress.
    • Level   1

    Read your last sentence. It equals answer.

    • Level   5

    I've had something the opposite happen.  I went into the practice area (forgot the actual name) and as soon as I entered the Achievement popped up:

    Storm bringer:

    Obtain 20 000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    George Costanza: Kramer, I'm never gonna have a child. If I lose this Frogger high score, that's it for me.

    • Level   7

    yeah, it does seem a little buggy, mine popped at a random time it seemed, when i was not expecting it. but then stuff like this happened on some other games too, recently... i think the xbox locking up in some of the recent new games did not help.

    Everyone & their dog plays that game. It's slightly adjusted from the year before only with a new title
    Why is this broken video game getting patched again and again and again, did i pay $$$ to be a beta tester?

    • Level   3

    I beat the campaign on normal and never got the achievement for it? Its called Wolf, has anyone else had this problem ??