non si connette hai server EA ? BAD COMPANY 2

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    bad company 2 non si connette hai server EA succede anche a voi ?

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    hmmm.....where did I leave that translator........ THERE it IS!!!

    -Bad Company 2 nelze připojit k serveru EA to stalo vám?

    -Bad Company 2 ikke opretter forbindelse til EA server dette ske at du?

    -Bad Company 2 ne relie pas au serveur d'EA cela arriver à vous ?

    -Bad Company 2 steht zum EA Server nicht in Verbindung das geschieht mit Ihnen?

    -Bad Company 2 не подключается к серверу EA это случиться к вам?

    -¿Bad Company 2 no se une al servidor EA este le pasa?

    -شركة سيئة 2 لا يتصل بملقم EA هذا يحدث لك؟

    OMG! I can't find ENLISH!!!!! oh wait! *kicks translator a couple of times* THERE!!!

    ---Bad Company 2 does not connect to EA server this happen to you?

    ummm.....nope....sorry mate...haven't played in a while so I really don't know.

    [large image removed]  DARN IT! they removed it again!!! oh well...all that matters, ladies, is it was LARGE *wink wink*