the best weapon and class mods for each class

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    This will bring a little welcomed debate.

    If you are not aware each character class in Borderlands does better with specific weapon types and special class mods that will even help boost those weapons to perform even better.

    Here is a list of weapons and class mods:

    Hunter Class using a Gunslinger or Sniper Class Mod
    should always be on the look for worthy Pistols and Sniper Rifles.
    Since many players really do prefer faster fire rates over damage look for these kinds of weapons
    a Atlas or Jacobs Masher Revolver Pistol that has the X7 multiplier to damage, the best would be a Jacobs Savage Unforgiven
    a Dahl Desert Penetrator Semi Auto Sniper Rifle or a Hyperion Crimson Invader also the over looked Torgue Steel Thunder High Damage and a Fast Fire Rate.

    Siren Class using a Mercenary or Specter Class Mod
    should be looking for worthy SMG's and Sniper Rifles
    most players like the faster fire rates
    SMG's all the way for a Siren
    find your self a good Anarchy or any SMG with the 12.5 fire rate the Torgue Double Anarchy is one to look for or if you are lucky and can get the Gearbox Double Anarchy found only in the Circle of Duty on the Knoxx DLC. I still do not know of anyone who is in to using the Thumper SMGs or uses a Wildcat, Gasher, B|tch
    For Snipers the same ones listed for the Hunter

    Soldier Class using a Commando or a Rifleman Class Mod
    should be looking for worthy Shotguns and Combat Rifles
    go for the faster fire rated guns
    Get your self a Torgue Steel Ba$tard Machine Gun, or a Vladof Glorious Revolution, a Dahl Desert Raven is nice too, never hear anyone talk about the Hyperion Destroyer.
    for that Fast Fireing Shotgun Look for a Vladof or Hyperion Raging Brute Assault Shotgun if you want more damage and less speed the Torgue Steel Shredder Combat Shotgun or the famous Jakobs Terrible Matador with it's 12x multiplier also find a Dahl Desert Bulldog the shot gun with the largest clip good fire rate accuracy and damage all in one.

    Berserker Brick Class using a Bombardier or better a Ogre Class Mod
    you are best with a great shotgun or a Launcher that has a lot of splash damage.
    get one that has a large clip and some accuracy and use the launcher for long medium range, and the shotgun for close up battles
    user the same shot guns listed for the Soldier
    the Launcher seems to be the most show off weapon that never is that useful unless you can reload them fast and never use them up-close medium range is the best.
    Torgue Steel Destructor does a lot of damage if you can get a accurate hit or a Torgue Steel Redemption even more damage it get's you Monster Kill. I will leave the Vladof Mongol and Hyperion Nidhogg out since they look great to shoot they are show off weapons.

    Elemental Weapons a major favorite since you do need to rely on these with some of the specific DLC's and Enemy Classes.
    Atlas Chimera (Vary), Maliwan Pestilent Defiler (Corrosive)
    S&S Orion (Shock), Torgue Cobra (Explosive), Maliwan Volcano (Fire)
    S&S Glorious Massacre aka the Draco X3 or X4 (Fire), Atlas Pearl Ogre (Explosive)
    Maliwan Pestilent Crux aka the Corrosive Plague, S&S Fatal Crux (Explosive), Vladof Blast Hammer (Explosive), Torgue Friendly Fire (Fire)
    Maliwan Combustion Hellfire (fire)
    Mailwan Cobalt Rhino (can be found as Corrosive, Fire, or Shock)

    there are Unique weapons found in the main game or from the Knoxx DLC:
    Hyperion Lightning Nemesis (Shock) repeater pistol, Krom's Sidearm (shock) repeater pistol, Maliwan Madjack (explosive) revolver pistol
    Atlas Kyro's Power (explosive) Sniper Rifle,
    Maliwan Cobalt Tsunami (shock and corrosive) SMG
    S&S Glorious Serpens (Corrosive) Machine Gun
    Mailwan the Roaster (fire) Rocket

    Some weapons work great for specific enemies and DLCs Like Explosive and Fire are great for Zombie but ok for Knoxx were as Corrosive and Shock is horrible to use in Zombie Island but great to use in Knoxx.

    What weapons do you use a lot that was left out of this list?

    Everything looks good. As for Brick you left out one of bricks most damaging set up. The Blast Master Class mod :)

    You do have the orge listed,but you also forgot the blast hammer,the detonating cobra,and chimera are some good weapons to use for this set up.

    'Activision', and 'innovative' don't belong in the same sentence. 

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    I still think that these are some of the best class mods and weapons you can use in the game.

    Everyone & their dog plays that game. It's slightly adjusted from the year before only with a new title
    Why is this broken video game getting patched again and again and again, did i pay $$$ to be a beta tester?

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    Cosmic i agree with everything you posted. other people are spending theyre time moding and crap when they could be Finding guns that are rare and excellent.  And moding shields and guns makes it no fun. whats the fun of killing somebody in one shot and never dieing?

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    looks like this forum is active again, bump... thanks Borderlands 2 for giving some life back to Borderlands

    I hope that Torgue is as good in Borderlands 2 as it is on Borderlands.

    Everyone & their dog plays that game. It's slightly adjusted from the year before only with a new title
    Why is this broken video game getting patched again and again and again, did i pay $$$ to be a beta tester?