Corrupted data help

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    Ok, after I used the transfer cable to get all my data from one console to another I went back with one of my friends to play some Borderlands on splitscreen co-op so his

    profile is on the same console. Well after we got everything loaded it showed us a message saying that some data was corrupted and couldn't be loaded, we were kinda

    worried at the time and had every reason to be i guess. mostly all his weapons were gone and the general knox data was taken away from his file. Now if i play with him then

    he can go to general Knox but if it's only his profile it wont let him go there at all. I have tried to redownload the content for the console so he can at least go there and so the

    message would stop popping up at the begining, is there anything to do?

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    He cant us the same content that you purchased as you own the license to that content as it will not work for his gamertag.

    Has he owned this content him self he can redownload it from purchased history, or if he got a new system he may need to transfer his license over to the new one.