Borderlands 2 keeps freezing?

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    Have you tried the Playing My Game Support Forum? Could be beneficial.

    Nice link, it seems most appropriate...

    It's most frustrating when you have a severe issue with a game and there seems to be no solution, i have had issues with various games myself, usually crashing on loading screens, or just after saving...

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    I created a new profile and I got my Xbox live gold months switched to it .

    How did you switch your gold to a new profile?

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    So the kind folks at 2K are going to log into my Live account and try playing my saved game with my profile and see if they can replicate the problem.  I will let you guys know what happens.  Hopefully it will freeze for them and they can gain some insight on the problem.

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    Didn't this kind of thing happen with the first game also? I remember inventory and save glitches every now and then when I sat with it (solo campaign bugs). Best wishes to the fix though. I agree they must be stalling, or searching.

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    Yea it does suck losing my gamer points , but I'll switch back toy old account someday it's still available to me ... What a **** thing for this game to have this issue. Hopefully a patch comes soon. So far no freezes with new profile :)

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    same thing for me.  It is unplayable...

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    exact same problem, tried everything and narrowed it down to something with my profile

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    The gentleman from 2K just sent an email saying he was going to start testing on my profile with my saved game and he was going to get back to me when he was done.   Hopefully it will freeze on him as it has been doing to me so he can figure out exactly what is causing this.

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    ... I hope for your sake that's actually someone you can trust ; )

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    It didn't freeze for them... here is what they had to say

    You can go ahead and log back into your account. To give a recap of what was done:

    I logged in as Nuglespawn whilst having a co-worker use the Nuglesgirl account on the same console. We played splitscreen as your Salvadore/Zer0 setup, cleared Liar's Berg of Bullymongs, turned in the quest to Hammerlock, then did the entire Shielded Favors quest while also picking up 2/4 furs for the Bad Fur Day. It was about 20 minutes of playtime.

    Given the amount of freezing that seemed to be going on from the original description and further detailed explanation it should have given us some lock-up at this point. I've a few questions at this point of your console:


    Hard Drive Size available:

    Is the console modded in any way?

    I can't be 100% certain this is a disc issue, only that it's not the save data or your profiles. A colleague of mine was in a similar situation when playing Darksiders with game freezing. He thought he had a bad disc for 6 months until he purchased Max Payne 3 and got the same freezing issues--at this point he spoke to Microsoft and found out he had a console issue (it was only 8 months old).

    At this point I can deduce that this is a hardware (console or disc) issue. I don't mean any offense by the mod question, we're only trying to reach resolution. If you'd like to start an RMA (as out of the likely possibilities a bad batch of discs seems more likely) please send the disc to the following location:

    2K Disc Replacement Program

    Attention: Customer Services Manager #456708

    2K Games

    10720 Gilroy Road Suite 2

    Hunt Valley, MD


    Please be sure to include a cover note detailing your issue and remember to include your return address. Also the location of the store from where it was purchased will also help as an initial question should we hear any other reports of such issue.

    Kind regards,

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    So the kind folks at 2K are going to log into my Live account and try playing my saved game with my profile

    You should never give out your account details,no matter who they are.

    as you have already done so i suggest you change your passwords straight away.


    you also should not need to go through a disc replacement service if they are stating it may be a bad batch,just return it to the store you bought it from and get a replacement.

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    Ok so everyone who is having trouble has tried recovering their profile from XBL? What about actually having your profile on a USB stick? Most of the people I know have their profiles on USB sticks these days for easy portability. I have mine on a USB as well as 90% of my saves. And I have no issues with the game freezing. It has yet to freeze once.

    I don't see how the issue can be the game, as if it was everyone would have the same issue. It has to be something else. Do you have the black S models or older white models? Do you have your console set to autoplay? Does your GT sign in while the game is loading? Are you part of the XBL beta? Do you have anything else running while playing? Like the Xbox Music player?

    Do you have the premiere club downloaded? Or the Collectors edition DLC? Maybe these are bad downloads? Have you deleted those and redownloaded them?

    I take it since 2K were able to play from Nurglesgirl's ( Nice Warhammer GT there btw) game saves that they are cloud saves? Is everyone else who is having issues keeping their saves in Cloud saves? I'm also wondering if Nurglesgirl was prompted to recover her GT when she logged into after 2k used it.

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    I have an old memory stick for xbox 360, but since they came out with a new model and system layout it, I can't find anywhere to plug it in... I want my money back! lol.. It's honestly completely useless now.. I need a USB? I have a 360 Elite, and there's a handful of people it's happening to so I'd have to imagine it isn't our profiles, or our system's causing the problem.. I think it's a bad batch of CD's.. If you take into conclusion.. Nurglegirl replaced her system.. Someone else replaced their profile.. Nurglegirl replaced her profile.. And the game just keeps freezing.. Either way, we should have to keep going out of our way, and contacting companies, and sending our disc's out.. and switching our how play style up, and changing where the game is saved too.... ALL FOR ONE GAME... It isn't our faults.. I'm not sure if it's 2K's but it sure seems like it.. I've never had to address a  problem this way, where I'm getting responses to switch things, and change hard drives, and not stand my xbox up.. and all this... they need to come to one of our house's if they're so concerned and *** watch how the game constantly freezes every 10 mins or less.. and address it.. and Bring one of their xbox's and use my disc at my house and see if its a problem.

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    Well let's see the first Xbox did have auto play and auto log in and all that kinda stuff, game was saved to HDD. Black Xbox.  Then I tried a new copy of the game on that same machine.  Then I tried a new HDD on that same console.  Then I tried another console.  On the second console we didn't bother setting up autp play and auto log in. We have all the DLC and pre-order stuff. We tried reinstalling them and even cleared the cache.

    The games were moved to the cloud so that 2K could access them and yes when I logged back in it told me I was last logged in on another machine.  They also leveled me up (just from level 3 to 4) so I know they actually did play.

    We are headed over to a different Gamestop to try a 3rd copy of the game.

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    sucks to be you....

    I've got a 19, 8, 16 and 14 not one freeze

    my son has a copy also, has not froze once