Terramorphous the Truly Invincible

    • Level   5

    This boss seems to stick by his name.  When a lvl 50 with the first tree (criticals/sniper damage) can hardly harm him with a lvl 50 purple sniper I'm having a hard time figuring out if the videos on youtube of them killing him is made with modded gear.  I've found some pretty good gear so far, including a nice sniper and pistol.   If anyone out there who has beaten this boss, legitly, please tell me the best method to do it as zero.  Or could someone team up with me to try and take down this monster?

    • Level   5

    AMP sheilds.


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    • Level   7

    Running a full Cunning with some of the Sniper  Zero character seems to do alot better when facing Terra.  The debuff from the Kunai works alot and you don't have to focus using a sniper rifle.  Plus when Deception is active you do more damage due to a talent from Cunning.


    You could do Terra as a Sniper but as far as I know Terra was meant to be a boss that required a full group to tackle.  Of course there will be people who use modded stuff just to solo it.  Don't know why they would though.  Also with a cunning setup SMG's and Shotguns become a better option to use.  You can still use a sniper with the build seeing you're taking all the beneficial stuff from the Sniper tree anyways.

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    • Level   8

    killed this boss MULTIPLE times with this strategy due to not having 3 friends at 50.

    Myself lvl 50 commando with right tree maxed out

    lvl 50 siren who can res

    lvl 32 zero

    lvl 36 siren with res

    Myself and the other lvl 50 drop down to fight him, as soon as the last one of us is about to bleed out the 3rd person drops down, as soon as 3rd person is going to bleed out the 4th drops down, by that time both lvl 50 characters are back at the entrance to fight him. We have killed him about 27 times

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    • Level   5

    I have a high dmg fire and amps if you need help i can

    • Level   1

    Im looking for some help with TERRAMORPHOUS its the only thing i have left to do. I cant move on till he is dead. Im a lvl 43 siren with res.

    • Level   3

    Anyone need help with Terramorphous. Send me a Message or a Friend Request. I defeated him 3 times today.

    Our group (today): Me - Lvl.50 Commando, Lvl.50 Assassin, Lvl.42 Assassin and Lvl.36. Siren (with Res)

    • Level   9

    Me and 2 other friends managed to beat him today, 2 Level 50 Commando's and an Assassin Level 37 ..

    No real tactics as such, always made sure both Commando's dropped their Turrets ( these helped alot ) and the Assassin stayed up top ( didn't drop through gate ) untill one of the other team died, that way it gave us a good chance to get others back into the fight before everyone died or was knocked out of area.

    • Level   5

    Killed him with the lvl 50 Conference call (Legendary shotgun) and the lvl 50 The Bee Shield (Legendary AMP shield). You can pratically solo him this way.