DLC Scaling

    • Level   5

    i joined a friends game and hes was in oasis, i was at level 40 odd, i played a little than backed out. I didn,t want to start the DLC untill i was level 50 , but like a dumbass i continued my game and it put me in oasis and the whole thing started, i went back to the main story beat the warrior again on pt2 got to level 50 everything in my game scaled to 50, all the side missions and so on, apart from oasis where everything is 35 odd, the strange thing is all the dlc missions say 50 and all other areas in the DLC (i have visted) are scaled to 50 but when i go back to oasis its still level 35, I finshed any out standing missions in oasis and still its level 35 there. 

    A question for anyone whos completed the dlc do many of the mission take part in oasis? i do have i siren who was level 50 before the dlc came out and oasis is level 50 with her, but i would perfer to play with my Gunzerker where i saved most of the side missions for pt2.5.


    • Level   5

    All the missions in the DLC take part in the DLC. All the enemys are like the normal game, which scale to the highest level when you beat PT 2.5.

    • Level   5

    really thxs for telling me nothing, there are different areas in the DLC like hateys folly my problem is enemys have not scaled in oasis but if i got to another area of the dlc they have scaled, and all i wanted to know is if most of the combat takes place in oasis as so far in the DLC i,ve not had much combat in oasis which is good because its to easy with level 35 enimies in oasis. Anyway i will just prob play it with my other character where every thing has scaled.

    I spent so much time on this game to get characters to level 50 and get to pt2.5, but when i get there is just disappointment.


    • Level   5

    Useually enemys won't scale if you have beaten PT 2 in a friends game. For some odd reason it won't count you beating the warrior and everything in certain areas will be in the 30s-40s, and others 50s. I have this bug on one of my characters and its a bit stupid. Hopeing for a fix on this problem soon, and theres only a bit of combat in Oasis (Town) which is the pirates attacking it at the start, after that its just the pirates/worms outside the town.

    • Level   6

    must b nice to play the dlc. Paid and downlaoded it last week but I still can't play it.

    • Level   7

    PT2 starts at Level 35 so that is were it would be at

    Everyone & their dog plays that game. It's slightly adjusted from the year before only with a new title
    Why is this broken video game getting patched again and again and again, did i pay $$$ to be a beta tester?

    • Level   1

    My DLC will not scale either. Level 50 Axton and I have beaten Terra on TVHM. Everything in the DLC is maxed at level 30. It sucks.

    • Level   4

    I beat Vault Hunter Mode with my Commando and then started the DLC it will begin with enemy's and weapons scaled at 49-50. With my Mechromancer she started it in just VHM and there scaled at 43-45. Its best to do the expansion when you beat VHM (2.5)