Shift code

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    I feel stupid asking this, but I signed up for the Shift thing and now it asks me to submit a code. What code?

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    Do you mean a code for the Golden Key?


    You should have gotten one once they sent the membership confirmation e-mail.


    The code is probably for future contest/giveaways.

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    I got a confirmation email and I didn't see a code.

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    I don't think there is a code, the key will just show up in your game, you should get a popup next time you load the game.

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    I got a confirmation email it says

    PRO TIP: If you link your Shift account to Borderlands 2 from within the game (Main Menu -> Extras -> Shift Code) a Golden Key will be automatically added to your in-game inventory –you can use it to unlock a rare item in the mysterious Sanctuary loot chest. This will happen automatically with no code input required -- it's a pretty cool deal!

    But no code. also cannot connect my shift account to my xbl apparently feature unavailable is this because im from UK and its not officially out yet or is it just not working

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    Ok. It's not the relic thing is it? I don't see an actual golden key in my inventory.

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    The key isn't kept in your inventory. Check the Badass menu blade.

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    Found it! TYVM!

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    Hey when you guys signed up were you allowed to sync your LIVE account?  It is telling me it cannot link it at this time?  

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    After you've confirmed your email on the site, all you need to do is reset your game and log back into the Shift thing on the menu. Remember though that you can only use each key once per gamer-tag.

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    Randy Pitchford said he'll start tossing out codes on Twitter soon. His Twitter acct is @DuvalMagic
    I live in America yet I still have to "Press 1 for English" What kind of BS is that??
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    how do i sign up?

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