Legendary (Orange) Drop Locations.

    • Level  

    Assault Rifles
    Madhouse - Mad Dog, Lynchwood.
    Veruc - Mobley, The Dust.
    Hammer Buster - McNally.
    KerBlaster - Midge-mong, Southern Shelf.
    Shredifier - Bonehead 2.0, Arid Nexus.

    Gub - Laney, The Fridge.
    Hornet - Knuckledragger, Southern Shelf.
    Maggie - Mick Zafod, The Dust (Side with Hodunks)
    Thunderball Fists - Captain Flynt, Southern Shelf.
    Gunerang - Rakk Man, The Fridge.
    Unkempt Harold - Savage Lee?
    Infinity - Doc Mercy.
    Logan's Gun - Wilhelm.

    Rocket Launcher
    Badaboom - King Mong, Eridian Blight.
    Pyrophobia - Incinerator Clayton.
    Bunny - Chubby enemies.
    Nukem - Black Queen, The Dust.
    Mongol - Dukino's Mom, Lynchwood.
    Norfleet - Vermivouris the Invincible.

    Conferance Call - The Warrior.
    Striker - Old Slappy.
    Deliverance - Tumba, Wildlife Preserve.
    Flakker - The Warrior.
    Sledge's Shotgun - Smash Head, The Fridge.

    Pitchfork - Terramorphous
    Invader - Saturn
    Skullmasher - Son of Mothrakk, Wildlife Preserve
    Volcanoe - The Warrior
    Longbow - Badass Creeper, Caustic Cavern
    White Death/Lyudmila - Gettle, The Dust

    Slagga - Hodunk, The Dust
    Emperor - The Assassins, Southpaw Steam & Power
    *** - BNK3R
    Hellfire - Scorch, Fropstburn Canyon / The Warrior
    Baby Maker - Madame Von Bartlesby / Mad Dog, Lynchwood

    The Transformer - Pimon, Wildlife Preserve
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Chubby Enemies
    The Sham - BNk3R
    The Bee - Hunter Hellquist, Arid Nexus Badlands
    Fabled Tortoise - Blue, Caustic Caverns
    Black Hole - Foreman, Opportunity
    Impaler - The Warrior
    Neogenator - Spycho, Frostburn Canyon
    Hide of Terramorphous - Terramorphous
    The Cradle - Henry

    Bonus Package - Boom Bewm, Southern Shelf
    Bouncing Bonnie - Loot Midgets
    Fastball - Boll, Three Horns
    Fire Bee - Unknown
    Leech - The Warrior
    Quasar - Ultimate Badass Varkid
    Rolling Thunder - Wilhelm
    Storm Front - Rat Brothers, Bloodshot Stronghold
    Pandemic - Mortar, Sawtooth Cauldron
    Nasty Surprise - Vermivouris the Invincible.


    • Level   9

    Good list.

    Attack on Titan has been added to Netflix. Watch it. I'm serious. Do it now.


    • Level   9

    Right now my Internet is working, I can now add that the list is not toally 100% acurate, and one or two are unconfirmed.

    - and that we can't type b-i-t-c-h in it's full form, the SMG drop which is listed as *** is that gun.

    • Level   6

    after seeing this i went to farm for babymaker and white death, got babymaker after 2 tries nice tediore smg with corresive dmg (only lvl 48 thou), and got a lvl 49 white death with slag on my first try whoop-whoop. i know it depends on the person but which would be considered the best of each type eps pistol as im going for one of them next

    • Level   6

    Infinity or Hornet are what I consider to be there best pistols

    • Level   7

    these are not guaranteed drops.
    i one got a gub from a slot machine in the dust, one of the only times i ever got all the vault borderland symbols.

    but what you need is the guaranteed drops of the unique items aka Blue Title Text with special Red lettering weapon comments

    Like the Law Pistol and Order Shield that work together when equipped.

    Everyone & their dog plays that game. It's slightly adjusted from the year before only with a new title
    Why is this broken video game getting patched again and again and again, did i pay $$$ to be a beta tester?

    • Level   7

    Yeah I have a low level Rapid Infinity, I need a High level. I guess the rapid part is what makes it full auto, so I would have to be really lucky to get that again.

    And dumb question, who is Gettle and where do I find them?

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    • Level   7

    Farming the Bunker if anyone wants to join

    • Level   7

    Here's where to find Gettle


    • Level   7

    Also I believe you can get The B-I-T-C-H from Moxxi

    • Level   6

    Gettle in one of the 2 gunmen you fight in the graveyard in dust must complete the quest the good, the bad and the ugly first. not a bad sniper i have a better E-tech one. it feels like across between an assault rifle and a sniper.

    also have the infinity but only a level 9 one, should,nt be to hard to farm dr mercy and knuckledragger as there near fast travels gonna try them later

    • Level   6

    When I went to farm Dr Mercy he never shown up.

    • Level   7

    First of all.. great list and thank you for posting it! These drop rates must be less then 1% because I have farmed a few of these guys and never seen anything (except for KerBlaster, I got that twice.) I really want the Infinity Pistol but can't get Doc to give it to me. I also have been unsuccessful in obtaining a Hellfire from Scortch. Guess I'll keep at it.

    • Level   7

    4th time from farming Bunker

    IMG00376 20121014 1224.jpg

    • Level   8

    That Shield is awesome... 94% absorb chance... dang.


    Also I just found out if you do down the Anarchy path with the Mechromancer the Infinity Pistol will not work anymore. Its the Skill that reduces your clip size by 1 bullets... you cant fire that gun when you take that perk.

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