seraph crystals ?

    • Level   3

    Ok I'm not a newb. But I just finished the whole DLC and I thought they said something about a new form of currency called "seraph crystals". I havent' seen one. Did they cancel that part of the DLC for a later date? Or is this just me? My main character's game has been running slow lately.. Freezing up and pausing for 10 seconds at each save point in the game..

    • Level   6

    you get 7/8 of them when you kill one of the new raid bosses, there used to buy new weapons that cost 120 seraph crystals each and you can only do the raid bosses once per day

    • Level   5

    If your character has the bug were you freeze for a few seconds at every auto save point then all I can tell you is to make a new character and have it boosted to 50 again or w/e. I had this on my  assassin and got tired of it so I deleted the old one and waiting to get my new one boosted.