Brothers in Arms: Furious Four

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    You do know about Brothers in Arms Furious 4 right?  Here's the info I've gathered from the latest Gameinormer:



    "...the studio unflinchingly abandoned the tactical combat and somber tale of 101st Airborne soldier Matt Baker in favor of four-player co-op with an absurdist bent.  Mix the playful action of Bulletstorm, the XP addition of Borderlands, and the irreverent tone of Inglourious Basterds, and you have a good idea of what to expect..."



    Each character will bring something unique to the table.  "The towering lumberjack-turned Nazi-slayer Montana lugs around a chaingun, the wily Texan Crockett brands his victims with a cattle iron, the mentally unstable Irishman Stitch uses a homeade taser, and the Native American Chok prefers to take out his enemies by lodging hatchets in their skulls."  As seen in the E3 video below.



    Players will see the XP they earn through flashes on the screen, much like Bulletstorm. Players can spend XP on new weapons, perks, and makeshift gadgets.



    Sounds like there will be plenty of non-conventional WWII weapons.  Other "playful weapons" will include a flamethrower, chainsaw, and bear trap armed with a grenade.



    You can commandeer vehicles.  There will be jetpack SS guards with rocket launchers, attack helicopters, and bosses.



    It will have 10-player multiplayer. 






    The game looks cool, but it shouldn't be using the same name.  It should be an entirely new game.

    We're Alive.  It's like The Walking Dead, but in podcast form.  Also free.

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    I was pretty cruel on this game when I first heard about, mainly because BIA is a one of a kind game in a sea of  FPS.

    Your right if this game was named something else I would have been more excited, But since they admit that there going back to the Baker story after this i'm alittle more pleased.

    Hell anything WW2 im happy for.

    Not without my coffee!

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    When I first heard about it I got really excited. Then when the trailer started going I was like wtf is this. I will admit I'm not interested in this that much.

    I guess it's where I've been wanting to see the rest of Bakers story for so long now.

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    This definitely IS NOT BiA......looks like another company has sold us out.....

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    Ok, this looks like pure dogsh!t....

    I started playing BIA with the first one. And loved it.. Ok Hell's Highway wasn't as good story-wise but at least it played like a BIA game and was fun.

    ( I hated how they changed what happened with Allen/Garnett/Leggit just for shock value. the original story of Leggit hiding while Allen/Garnett died to defend him was great and more than enough reason for a character to go crazy with guilt. ) 


    I also liked Borderlands.... But for different reasons. Borderlands had a fun uniqe look and feel along with solid co-op.


    BIA was a realistic heartfelt tactical shooter. When did someone decide that the best thing going for the franchise should be tossed out the window?


    Mashing these two games together simply creates a cheezy/corny shooter that is neither realistic and meaningful or fun and creative. Basicaly instead of taking the best features of both games you get... nothing...



    For the record classic games turned to sh!t by the latest installments:



    Duke Nukem

    All classic FPS shooters that had uniqe feel and solid gameplay... ruined.... Now it looks like Brothers in Arms is going down the same path.