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    Post all things zombie related to tranzit here!

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    So I've discovered just about everything in this map except for the wonder weapon/easter egg and from what I've been reading there are 2 parts to it?  Anyways I'm gonna post a quick walk thru for this map.  Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about anything and add anything I might have missed.

    A few quick tips...

    ***Most important*** Do your best to prevent from advancing into the next wave too quickly.  Yes you need money, and in order to get money you have to kill zombies.  But if you get to a high round and you're not properly equipped the game can go by quicker than a virgin on prom night.  Try to set up the power and get jugg early on.  You'll get a lot farther...

    ***In addition***  You can't make crawlers the same way you've been doing in the previous zombies.  They've fixed it and if you try to do it the old fashioned way it will kill the crawlers.  If you ever need to save a crawler, you're going to just want to save a regular zombie.  3 of them in fact.  Just have one person run circles and keep the zombies busy while the rest of the team takes care of business across the map.  It may be a long drawn out process towards the beginning but it makes for a better long run.

    ***Falling off the bus*** Probably not the smartest thing you wanna do if you're new to the map.  If you do happen to get separated from the bus for whatever reason and you're in the middle of nowhere without a bus stop in sight...PANIC!!!  Sike no I'm j/k don't panic.  You're likely to be attacked by a jockey-like creature and just like the jockey it will ride your face.  Only way to remedy this is to keep knifing until it falls off your face.  Don't breath a sigh of relief just yet tho.  If you're still stuck in the fog away from a bus stop the creatures will keep attacking you until your near an actual bus stop.  Just keep knifing if a new one jumps on your face again and keep heading towards the lights!

    Bus stop: Spawn

    Equipment: Turbine

    Parts: Fan, mannequin, fin

    Perks:  Quick revive

    The round will start and there will be 4 zombies in the room already with you.  Make quick work of them and get to building the turbine.  You'll need the turbine to exit the building you spawned in if you don't want to spend the 750 to open the double doors in front of the bus.  Once you've built the turbine there are double doors right next to the work bench.  Use the turbine to open the doors,  Once you go in there should be a bus upgrade (there are 3, the grill/plow goes on the front, the half/inside ladder goes inside the bus for roof access [do this if you haven't unlocked the bus upgrade achievement, if you have this achievement save the half/inside ladder for the diner] and the back/long ladder which goes towards the back of the driver's side on the outside of the bus.)  Now you should notice there is another set of doors, use the turbine and it will open the 2nd set as it did the 1st.  Get on the bus and get to the next stop...

    Bus stop:  Diner/cafe

    Equipment:  Zombie shield

    Parts: Car door, dolly

    Perks:  Speed Cola

    Get off the bus and open the door to the mystery box next to the gas pump.  Ultimately you want to milk the box and move it.  Try and get the shield built if you have enough money to open the diner.  Otherwise go to the shed by the garage and open it with the turbine.  There should be a bus upgrade in the shed, once you pick it up slap it on.  (Once again if you don't have the bus upgrade achievement go ahead and put all the pieces on the bus.  Otherwise if you have this achievement unlocked already and you get the half/inside ladder, put it inside the diner.  There's a grate near one of the windows in the ceiling.  Place the half ladder there.  Once you climb up the GalvaKnuckles will be directly behind you on the wall.  They cost 6k but to me they're worth every penny and a necessity on this map.)

    Bus stop:  Farm/Barn

    Equipment:  Sentry

    Parts:  RPD, lawnmower, ammo box

    Perks:  Double Tap

    Not much to do here the first time around.  If you want you can buy/open the gate and use the turbine to open the barn door behind the tractor to check if there's a bus upgrade.  There is a refrigerator in the house that you can use to store a gun (if you leave the gun inside the refrigerator and the game ends, you can start a new zombie game and go back to the refrigerator and the gun will still be there.)    Otherwise just get off the bus and get back on to speed up the timer.

    Bus stop: Power

    Equipment: Power switch, Trap

    Parts: Zombie hand, switchboard, lever [] Weird looking plank, light bulb, battery

    Perks: Tombstone

    Alright ladies it's go time.  This stop is time sensitive if you're trying to get the power on and get to juggernog in the same bus ride.  Especially if you have zombies spawning in that'll make it that much more challenging.  When the bus stops everyone off, the richest person buys the door and everyone goes in.  You'll drop down into a hatch with a room full of light.  There's not much exploring to down here and with the bus waiting exploring isn't what you wanna do here.  Make sure you and your team are working together to get the power switch built.  After it's built wait til everyone is in the power switch room before you flip the switch otherwise your teammates stuck in the electricity field in the center room will move extremely slow.  Now the door in the power switch room will open eventually after you turn on the power.  But if the bus honks, you might just wanna use a turbine to open the door in the power switch room to get out and up to the bus faster.  ***WARNING***if you do not have the back ladder for the bus you will not be able to get back in/on to the bus until it leaves because of the design of this stop.  Either way, just make sure you're on when it leaves.

    Bus stop: Town



    Perks:  Jugg Staminup

    Last stop before the bus loops it's route.  Now if you're inside the bus when it pulls in you'll notice that...YOU'RE STUCK!!!  Well you can't leave the area unless you buy the door that leads into the bank.  But if you were riding on the top of the bus just jump off to the left to take a look around town.  Also if you don't have the back/ladder or any roof access for the bus, you can just exit the bus right before it pulls in.  That way you won't get stuck in that little area.  There is a door here that needs the turbine to open it.  I don't feel like explaining where it is so you find it on your own =P

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    Pack a Punch

    In order to pack a punch you'll need one person with a turbine at the bus stop where the power is and the other person go to the town bus stop.  Have any other teammates run circles with the remaining zombies so as the pack a punchers aren't disturbed.  The guy at power bus stop will go into the door down the hatch and immediately turn around.  You should see a door with a lightning bolt on it.  Have that person use his turbine right there.

    The other teammate in town will need to buy the door to the bank.  There will be a vault door.  Blow it open with an explosion (grenade, rpg, ray gun)  Go in where you blew the vault door and you should see another vault door.  Blow it open the same way.  Behind that door there should be a stair case the leads down.  It only opens when the turbine is used at the bus stop where power is.  Find the 3 parts down stairs to help build the pack a punch (yes you have to build it in order to use it)  Put the pieces into the work bench at the end of the hall.  happy hunting!

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    Does anyone know how to do the easter eggs for TranZit?

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    Ok I've figured out the Easter egg inside single player but not for multiplayer yet...

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    not done much zombies yet but i have heard the easter requires 4 turbines once you turn the power on you need to use 2 turbines on a mast in the corn field and the other 2 at 2 seprate locations not sure were thou try goggle it should help more

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    I've heard something else that you do need 4 players but 2 electric traps and the electricity boss.  Haven't found a decent +3 to play with though. I've done everything else on this map except for the Easter egg

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    You eventually have to turn the power off and look for the pylon in the corn field and then kill the electric undead there when you have the turbine in the proper places

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    Hey man ive been exploring this map a little myself and i've managed to find a cabin in the mist where you buy the bowie knife and what looks to be a compass ( a part 1 of 3 need to build somenthing) and i've found the remains of the nact der untoten zombie map in the corn field  wher i found what looks to be a pistol grip or  a stock to a rifle ( part 2 of 3 needed to build something) and i've found the black  jet engine type thing in the tunnel after the first bus stop i think all 3 of them go together at the workbence at the town where you get jugg becuase i can't seem to find any parts in the actual town.   so far i've built the Turbine, the zombie shiled, the Lawnmower turret, and the electric trap, and i've noticed that each of the latter need a turbine to be activated or they are worthless.    I aslo found 2 nav Cards and i have no idea what to do with them, my first thought was the bus but it was a no go

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    and  obviously i've built the power switch, the only place i've never built anythign is the town with jugg which i why i believe there is either a secret workbench hidden somewhere or the Workbench in the Town is the one needed to build what im guessing is the pack a punch  machine or one of the wonder weapons (maybe the waffle)

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    Yeah those are all peices that are needed for the Easter egg.  And they either go at the wOrkbench in town (last stop) or in the cornfield under the electric tower (across the path from nacht der untoten). If you are looking to do this Easter egg I will be attempting it again tonight around 8pm pSt.  Send me a message and I'll send you an inv at the time

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    ehy man i don't know how long you usually stay on but i have a group of 2 to 3 friends that play on most nights and we all have been attempting  the easter egg, also  other than in grief mode i have never pack a punched, i have found the black jet engine thing in the first tunnel after the initial bus stop and the coil of wires at the power room, i've yet to find the third item for the pack a punch but i HAVE found 2 OTHER pieces possibly for the workbench in the corn field, still missing the third piece for that too

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    Thanks for all the info, very helpful.

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    I just wanted to know about the picture you have whilst playing zombies ... Before i installed the update i had 5 lines and the skull with the blue eyes - now i've installed it i'm back down to 4 lines and and just the skull. I'm really annoyed by this and was wondering if any of you can shed light on it thanks

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    It seems that you might have leveled down or de ranked.  Usually cause you didn't play  as well asylu did in previous games.  I have a friend on my list who's constantly losing and gaining the knife thru his skull for his rank. Seems he loses it on a bad game and gets it back when we do really well

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