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    Kinda bummed (to put it mildly). I wouldn't have bought the Season Pass if I knew. I just don't play Core. Never have.

    There it is.

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    Is it not in the rotation for hardcore?

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    I can double check but they haven't come up in 35 minutes. Core has a special Revolution playlist for people who have payed for it. I guess they'll be free eventually (in a few months, like MW3) and then they'll show up in Hardcore game modes.

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    I too, was hoping for HardCore gameplay...played a little bit this morning before work just to check out the new maps...which are a nice change from the least for the time being lol.  It's not in the regular HardCore rotation...I assume because it would cause lobby issues when DLC maps come up in the que...and some people don't have them, some do...etc, etc...for now...the DLC is it's own select  "Revolution"...and then choose between TDM and or the other gameplay types.

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    This has completely upset me.  I wouldn't have spent the money either.  I would rather play in the mode of real world scenario, than run around with magic powers that save you from Sniper shots, claymores, and forces you to riddle your enemy with a full clip before dying.

    Now I realize the hardcore community is small compared to  the whole of call of duty players but we have been completely forgotten and left out with this add on.  How hard would it have been to split up the revolution menu to include even hardcore team death match? Not hard at all.

    I don't even play zombies and the new gun isn't what I bought it for.  I bought it for NEW MAPS.  Heck even hijacked is getting annoying.

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    they are in regular hc rotation just no separate playlist for it though

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    I was wrong. They DO come up in Hardcore rotation. I played for 35 minutes before I made this thread and I hadn't seen one.

    I wish I could edit or delete this thread before everyone get's all crazy about it.

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    No HC. I bought the season pass for nothing. well i do love zombies. But wow.!!

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    This is still BAD.  They can create a nuketown 2025 playlist all weekend for double XP, they can most certainly make a hardcore playlist for the new maps.

    1.) We just paid $15 for a DLC.  I WILL state that it is packed with features for that money but they have alienated a particular  community within COD ranks

    2.) They are forcing us to play the maps we're bored with and wait 35+ minutes to get ONE new map play.  

    It would be to their benefit and customer retention to make a simple bug fix.  We'd like to play the new maps in a new maps playlist on hardcore.  I still don't think that is much to ask for.

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    Thanks for the clarification...I'm glad they are in the H/C rotation.

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    Can someone please check if the new maps made it to the FFA rotation?

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    Did they delete your thread? I'm not allowed to view it now. I was before.