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    [Moderator removed: Do not name and shame other users on the forums]. was using a lag switch on all of my friends and me. help put stop to people like that.

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    You can't name and shame on the forums. Also, the amount of lag switchers is so small that I'm pretty sure you were just in a bad lobby and blamed the person doing the best. Please click the link in my signature to read the forum rules.

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    You know just because you put a gamer tag and a cause and highlight them doesn't mean MS is going to do anything. It's more likely they will take action against you for breaking their forum rules than taking action against the person you named. I have lost track of how many times NFR has had to say don't name and shame. He is completely right too. The number of lag switchers out there is minimal. It's just poor connection, I complain about it incessantly but it doesn't change the fact that it's a 99.99% probability you were in a bad lobby.

    @NFR bravo on the link in your sig, was that from my suggestion in an earlier post or did you just decide to do it?

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    You dunn goof'd, OP.


    You're a poor example of leadership.

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    once a snitch always a snitch.

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    I once thought there was one in a game i was in,I checked theater though and i'm pretty sure i was mistaken and he it was normal lag,It seemed like when i got near him my connection went bad but after watching again it was quite random,You gotta be careful about accusing people of stuff like that unless you're 100% sure.

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    You can not name and shame other LIVE members on the forums.

    There are no methods at present to report users you encounter on LIVE via the forums. Also the policy enforcement team do not view these threads. If you need to file a complaint against another LIVE member then please do so using the tools on your console.

    As the sole purpose of this thread is to name and shame I am locking it up.

    Cheers and good gaming all.  

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