Buried Easter Egg

    • Level   5

    A buddy and I noticed a ton of parts on the ground and started to add the parts together. One section we completed to get the tramplesteam. The building block can be found above the prison where you unlock the guy. The second one I couldn't find the last part but the building block was located in the bar and I searched the entire map and it kept saying invalid part. So far I am enjoying the map and I usually rush straight to the mine section because I've always hated waiting 5 levels before you can go anywhere. If you have any idea on what the bar building block makes please post it here. I think I was close to completing the Easter egg. I know that orb is relevant and you need the new gun to activate it.

    • Level   9

    You can build the Subsurface Resonator,The Turbine,The Tramplesteam and a headchopper.The Subsurface Resonator combined with Turbine in awesome!I love it.

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    A friend of mine just showed me this cool thing you can do with Leroy on the buried map. If you give Leroy some candy while you are standing next to one of the blueprint tables, he will look at the schematics and find the parts and build it for you. Thought that was kinda cool.

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    • Level   8

    If you didn't power those orbs then you were nowhere near completing the Easter Egg. That's only step 2 of 11. I completed the Maxis side and almost completed Richtofen. Here's the tutorial of Maxis, the only thing wrong is that on step 11 you don't have to have 100% accuracy, you just have to make sure you hit every target. The 4 locations are the left side of the mansion, the courtyard in front of candy store and courthouse (this is the hardest), in the saloon and the courtyard in front of jail cell. watch?v=YJihXpBrF0&list=WL2IgHGWvFI067Sv2R0xmv9md8hnHqAiv

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    ^ thanks I"ll give it a go this weekend. I also like Ali A's tutorials as well. He has some good videos already for this one. And for the candy I tried that already and got a cheevo for it :).

    • Level   5

    Nice links, I need to do these things.