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       I saw a dude last night with a gold combat knife and decided I want one of those.   Only problem here is my thumbs dont work well anymore and have difficulty knifing. I havent done well with knife only play since mw2.


        Well ..... I've got to say running with a knife is the most fun its been since mw2 also, and suprisingly, I won the second ffa match i tried it ( might have had a couple semtex kills).


       Right now I contibute a lot of the ease of knifing in this game to the lack of enemy footsteps ... but anyhow, my question"


       What happens after you get 200 kills to unlock kryptic camo? The rest of the camo only says "unlocked after kryptic" or something to that effect.


       Does it still go by kills, or other challenges?  It certainly doesnt unlock everything once you get to the kryptic, does it?

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    Can you prestige the knife? I mean it is a weapon.

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    Do you have your button set up set to default? Makes knifing a lot easier when you just have to press down on the right stick. I'm definitely going to try and unlock the ronin camo.


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    I didnt notice if there is an option to prestige the knife ..... I havent noticed it on any weapons either for that matter though.

     I kind of hope so. In mw2 I always ranked up with the knife until I'd get high enough to unlock other stuff. It was always disappointing when I'd have all the challenges completed.



      Yes, I just use default layout. Its knd of funny though, in bo I tried it for a while and frequently would just keep running up and bumping into them until they shot me.

       It seemed like the only time my stabber would work was when I'd try to shoot someone 50 feet away

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    To prestige a weapon go into create a class and select the weapon at max level. It should be the Y button to prestige it.

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    So, no way to tell until its max level?


      It doesnt show a rank on the knife, so maybe not.


        What happens with the camo on other weapons once you hit that point? I think they list the unlocks the same way, just "after unlocking such and such camo"

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    Take off your pistol. That way when you press Y button (weapon swap) you swap to a dedicated knife that allows you to press the right trigger to knife people instead of clicking the thumb stick

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      Yeah, No secondary. It gives me more perks too.


      I cant remember what all I have on atm, but I know lightweight, dexterity and extreme conditioning.


      The trigger might be a good idea for some, but one of the reasons I do it is to train myself to right click. I dont know how many times I die to getting knifed in cqc jus because I get lax on using it.


      Even if it wasnt for using extra slots for the perks, I would go without a secondary just because that way I have no choice. I went about 8 or 19 matches so far with only firing once. i got a care package and when i spawned i thought it was a safe place to throw it ..... then I saw a guy coming and I wasnt going to give up the package.


      I think its really fun though. I had some great gun vs knife fights that I've come out on top. But even the ones I lose, I usually get a good laugh out of watching the killcam.


       I miss matrathon though. It seems the longer you run with ec, your sprints get shorter and your rest period gets longer. After a minte or so of running, the guy gets totally pooped and cant catch anyone.


        Oh ...... I havent looked at the stats, but I'd been running with the mp7 for a while before I started knifing. And I dont know if its my imagination or what, but it feels like you run slower with a knife in your hand than an smg. Doesnt make sense that it would be that way, but it sure feels like it.

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        What happens with the camo on other weapons once you hit that point? I think they list the unlocks the same way, just "after unlocking such and such camo"

    There's suppose to be different challenges for unlocking the others. For guns, it involves getting certain medals, kills with that gun without perks or without attachments, etc. 


    The knife might follow a similar system of requiring special medals or tricks (no perks) to unlock.

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    Chompski's got it.  There will be 5 different of the will probably be get 5 kills in a row only using knife, five times.  Another will probably be 50 knife kills using no perks.  

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     I've gotten most of them now. Most are pretty easy.

      The one i'm trying to get now though is to kill an enemy with the knife, take his weapon and kill him..... X5.

      Lol ..... its almost like once I got to here sniperfrog has been boobytrappin enemy weapons. Every time I touch one I die intsantly.

      There is also a 5 bloodthirsty meadals with a knife only. That ought to be so-so. I thhink I was getting them occasionally with a knife. But I definitely cant do the 2 at the same time.

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    I learned about how the challenges work for the post-kryptek camos when I was leveling up my shotgun, which is now 2nd prestige, maxed out, with all camos.

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    After the 200 kills you'll get some easy challenges ( get 10 backstabs, get 5 revenge kills with the knife ). The only hard one for me was getting 5 bloodthirsty medals ( 5 kill streak with knife ), the first 4 were easy but the last one took me 3 hours somehow.

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      I struggled with the one killing the person with thier own weapon for a long time.  I finally got one, and then struggled some more..  But then I checked after one match and had gotten alll of the other four in that match.   A bit of a surprise.

      I still have 3 of the bloodthirsty medals to go, but something is getting to me. As I meantioned earlier I thought my character was running slower after a period of time, but I got to a point in some matches where I couldnt sprint at all. I even tried resting up in an alley somewhere, and it wouldnt make any difference.

       I was walking like someone running an lmg and no speed perks, and sprint would give me 2 to 3 steps that were like someone sprinting with an lmg/no speed. Once I'd die and respawn I could run again.

     Myabe a topic for another thread ......... but has anyone else noticed this?

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    Here is all the knife camos.


    What to do to get each knife camo:
    DEVGRU - 10 Kills with combat knife
    A-TACS AU - 20 Kills with combat knife
    ERDL - 40 Kills with combat knife
    Siberia - 60 Kills with combat knife
    Choco - 80 Kills with combat knife
    Blue Tiger - 100 Kills with combat knife
    Bloodshot - 120 Kills with combat knife
    Ghostex Delta 6 - 160 Kills with combat knife
    Kryptek: Typhon - 200 Kills with combat knife
    Carbon Fiber - Knife 10 enemies in the back
    Cherry Blossom - Get 5 Survivor medals using the combat knife
    Art of War - Earn 5 Revenge medals with the combat knife.
    Ronin - Kill 5 enemies using their own weapon, after killing them with the combat knife
    Skulls - Get 5 Bloodthirsty medals (5 kill streak) using only the combat knife.
    Elite - Be a COD Elite member.
    Gold - Complete all of the above challenges.