Black Ops 2 disk Problems

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    Ok so I have been trouble shooting for about the last 24 hours. So I know this is a frustrating issue for a lot of people and I though I could shed some light on what I have leaned this is related to any disk error crashes or not being able to start the game at all or just getting open tray and unreadable disk at the dashboard.


    1. Return the game – The first time I started getting errors I ran through some steps from deleting the cache files to well trying to flip the Xbox from side to side… In my frustration I return to GameStop to exchange what I though was a broke disk/pricey error/ manufacturing error. When I told the clerk my issues he said that a large percentage of people have encountered this and a new disk was the trick. He even opened a new copy of the game and placed it in an Xbox in store to make sure that it worked It started off perfectly and I Though my call of duty problems where over but that was not the case.
    2. Deleting corrupted files – On my first chat with Microsoft Technical support. We ran through some steps to delete the cache memory on the console.

    Go to dashboard

    Go to system

    Go to memory

    Press the Y button

    Go to delete cache memory

    Press A

    Still this did not work When I put the disk back in it said it was unreadable error code 03-80-00 after this they suggested I went through all of my games and apps in the memory and delete all the corrupted files which are marked by a yellow circle and an explanation mark.

    Go to system

    Go to memory

    Go to games and apps

    Go through each folder for every game deleting any file that are corrupted with the sign


    My game started working like clockwork! (I had no problems with any other titles but this one.)After I was done playing I turned off my console and proceeded to make sweet sweet love to my lady friend! But when I returned to play again I got the same error code 03-80-00 again…


    With my second contact to technical support I got Louie (Which was very professional during our time troubleshooting) He suggested power cycling! I was thinking we were going to peddle power my black ops 2 copy wearing purple sweatbands and a yellow tank top! But I was sadly mistaken



    Power cycling –


    You turn the console off and disconnecting everything that connected to it like cables, power cords, and hard drive.

    Check the power supply unit if it has an orange light still even if everything's disconnected

    It's going through a power save mode; wait till it fully shut itself off.

    Once it off, reconnect everything back in.


    This is power cycling but sadly I was and still am having error 03-80-00 or open disk or unreadable disk at the dash board. Then Louie broke out the bad news, it was not my console it was not the disk is was activision. And that this is a know issue and they are working with them to fix this VIA game patch so for us that the above did not work. It is best to just wait out the storm and call activison (800-225-6588) Saying how angry you are that you cannot trash talk to small pre-adolescent boys!


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    Glad to hear it! I've been suffering from the exact same issue & had considered returning it - I didn't. Sorry you had to go through all of that, but thank you so much for sharing! Now I know all I have to do is wait & hope. :D

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    Delete the nuketown 2025 maps I did it and my disc started reading

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    When i installed the season pass (nuke town map) the disc started to freeze, is there an update problem or has the installed maps F%cked up the disc/xbox?

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    Wow dude, you've done your home work.  This is second disc.  I still need to try all that stuff but your probably right on the end result.  WTF ACTIVISON