Can't access the Nuketown 2025 Maps even after redeeming code on Xbox Live

    • Level   2

    I have the code that came with the game and redeemed it online.

    After doing so Nuketown 2025 is still not an option, what did I do wrong?

    Is there a fix for this?

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    • Level   9

    The map has been put in the chaos moshpit under bonus.

      It will probably be something they make available as a standalone playlist only on special occasions.

    • Level   1

    Sorry for interrupting but I have a question.....I bought the game the day it came out but it didnt have a code for the Nuketown have you heard of this?

    • Level   9

       I thought there was a code in all the games at least for the first round of sales.

         There was a card inside with a code for nuketown 2025 and a 48 hour xbox live code.

         Nuketown zombies on the other hand was only given out with certain additions, I'm not sure the exacy details there. I think the hardened addition and possibly preorders ...... someone else will have to answer that.

    • Level   3

    They need to move Nuketown to all playlists. I don't wanna have to play a certain playlist for one map, expecially when all I really care for his TDM and KC